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We’ve Got Big Plans For Sunday’s Star Trek: Discovery Premiere


Set your phasers to stunned, because Star Trek: Discovery debuts this Sunday with a double episode, two-hour premiere that will serve as our introduction to the crew of the U.S.S. Shenzou, a high-stakes Klingon conflict, and the Starfleet history that came before the many missions of Captains Kirk, Picard, Janeway, and many more.

The epic new adventure will have its inaugural launch on September 24, beginning at 8:30pm ET (5:30pm PT) with Star Trek Discovery’s first episode, “The Vulcan Hello” (note: Sunday night’s football game may shift the start time ever so slightly). Out on Federation space patrol, the U.S.S. Shenzhou encounters an object of unknown origin, putting First Officer Michael Burnham (series star Sonequa Martin-Green) to her greatest test yet.

Don’t go anywhere, because we’re airing the second episode at 9:35pm ET (6:35pm PT). In “Battle at the Binary Stars,” the Shenzhou comes face to face with Klingon vessels and prepares for the possibility of war if negotiations fail. Amidst the turmoil, Burnham looks back to her Vulcan upbringing for guidance.

What could possibly follow the double premiere of a new Trek series? More Trek, clearly. As an outlet to Discovery’s tense Klingon war drama, we’re treating you to a Star Trek-themed episode of The Big Bang Theory at 10:30pm ET (7:30pm PT).

After the LOLs, things get really exciting with a live, commercial-free episode of After Trek at 11pm ET (8pm PT). Each episode will feature host Matt Mira (of Nerdist fame) talking in-studio or via video feed with Discovery cast members and crew along with past Star Trek talent and celebrity fans. While watching, fans will be able to “engage” with the show via social and other interactive elements by using the hashtag #AfterTrekThis. This week’s in-studio guests will include stars Sonequa Martin-Green, James Frain (Ambassador Sarek), and executive producer and co-showrunner Aaron Harberts.

The InnerSpace team will also be on duty to recap the show every week for the entire season, just as we’ll be filing blogs at warp speed, in addition to providing a weekly video series in which a longtime Trekkie breaks down each week’s episode with someone who’s literally never seen a single frame of Star Trek.

For anyone who doesn’t catch the Discovery premiere (or obviously wants a second viewing), we’ll replay both episodes of Star Trek: Discovery at 12am ET Sunday night, then again on Wednesday, September 27 at 9pm ET, and once more at 2am ET. We’re really trying make this easy for you!

Also starting today, we’ve beamed up a shipload of Star Trek movies over on the Discovery page—the same convenient place you’ll be able to stream new episodes of Star Trek: Discovery and After Trek the morning after they air. That should hopefully satisfy your sci-fi hunger pangs until Sunday’s main event.

If you’re looking for a way less long-winded recap of when you can watch all this great stuff Sunday night, see below: