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Star Trek Beyond’s First Trailer Boldly Goes Beyond Expectations

As you may have noticed, much of the world is currently under the spell of the first new Star Wars movie in over a decade. As a result of his work on The Force Awakens, J.J. Abrams was unavailable to return for Star Trek 3 and it could be argued that his other commitments in space have left some fans relatively indifferent to his previous franchise. Problematic momentum notwithstanding, Paramount has released the first trailer for Star Trek Beyond—on exactly the same day that The Force Awakens starts screening for critics. Whether this movie gets swept up in the excitement surrounding Abrams’ latest blockbuster or swiftly ignored and/or forgotten, dedicated Trekkies now have some idea where Kirk and co. are heading for their next adventure.

While Abrams isn’t back, the nods to his first Star Trek movie (including biker Kirk and The Beastie Boys’ “Sabotage”) suggest that new director Justin Lin (Fast & Furious 6) is on the same page as his predecessor. But judging from this trailer, not everything in Star Trek Beyond will be familiar. Here are some of new flourishes and other standout details you can expect to see more of next summer.

The Enterprise is under attack


The crew gets banged up


Co-writer Simon Pegg leaves himself hanging


The crew makes some new friends


…and at least one colourful enemy


Star Trek Beyond beams into theatres July 22, 2016. For an early look at what’s to come, watch the very new trailer below: