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Resistance To Space’s Star Trek 50th Anniversary Marathon Is Futile

One of the reasons Star Trek fans have continued to be obsessed with the series after all these years is the sheer volume of material available. In addition to 13 movies, you have hundreds of hours of television to choose from. Cramming every one of those episodes into a single five-day marathon simply isn’t possible, and nobody wants to be limited to just one series. With so many great seasons to choose from, some tough decisions have to be made, but this weekend you’ll get a chance to experience the ideal compromise: Space’s Star Trek 50th Anniversary Marathon.

Boldly going where every serious Trekkie has gone before, this marathon includes the best episodes from all five Star Trek TV series. It all begins on Thursday at 11am ET with 10 straight hours of Star Trek: Enterprise. Following the same schedule each day, the marathon continues with Deep Space Nine (Friday), Voyager (Saturday), The Next Generation (Sunday), and the original series (Monday; take note this one starts at 10:30am ET). As an added bonus, InnerSpace hosts Ajay Fry, Morgan Hoffman, and Teddy Wilson will be on hand throughout the weekend, offering introductions, recaps, and other Star Trek reflections.

The Star Trek 50th Anniversary Marathon comes to Space on Thursday, but if you want to dive even deeper into the Star Trek vault, you can now stream the complete catalogue on CraveTV. For more on the marathon—and a taste of what’s to come—check out the full list of episodes being aired below.




#1/16 “Shuttlepod One”

#2/02 “Carbon Creek”

#2/26 “The Expanse”

#3/05 “Impulse”

#3/10 “Similitude”

#3/19 “Damage”

#4/18 “In A Mirror, Darkly (Part 1)”

#4/19 “In A Mirror, Darkly (Part 2)”

#4/20 “Demons”

#4/21 “Terra Prime”


Deep Space 9

#1/19 “Duet”

#4/01 “The Way Of The Warrior (Part 1)”

#4/02 “The Way Of The Warrior (Part 2)”

#4/03 “The Visitor”

#5/06 “Trials And Tribble-ations”

#5/14 “In Purgatory’s Shadow (Part 1)”

#5/15 “By Inferno’s Light (Part 2)”

#6/02 “Rocks And Shoals”

#6/13 “Far Beyond The Stars”

#6/19 “In Pale Moonlight”




#2/21 “Deadlock”

#3/25 “Worst Case Scenerio”

#3/26 “Scorpion (Part 1)”

#4/01 “Scorpion (Part 2)”

#4/08 “Year Of Hell (Part 1)”

#4/09 “Year Of Hell (Part 2)”

#5/06 “Timeless”

#5/15 “Dark Frontier (Part 1)”

#5/16 “Dark Frontier (Part 2)”

#7/11 “Shattered”


The Next Generation


#2/16 “Q Who?”

#3/15 “Yesterday’s Enterprise”

#3/26 “Best Of Both Worlds (Part 1)”

#4/01 “Best Of Both Worlds (Part 2)”

#5/05 “Disaster”

#5/18 “Cause And Effect”

#6/10 “Chain Of Command (Part 1)”

#6/11 “Chain Of Command (Part 2)”

#6/15 “Tapestry”

#7/11 “Parallels”


The Original Series


#1/04 “The Naked Time”

#1/14 “Balance Of Terror”

#1/18 “Arena”

#1/22 “Space Seed”

#1/24 “This Side Of Paradise”

#1/28 “The City On the Edge Of Forever”

#2/01 “Amok Time”

#2/04 “Mirror, Mirror”

#2/15 “The Trouble With Tribbles”

#3/09 “The Tholian Web”