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Vincent Price’s Skull Is The Perfect Halloween Prize In This Horror-Comedy Short

Welcome to Spooky Club. The first rule of Spooky Club, as outlined in this super cute “horror” short from directors Joe and Lloyd Stas, is that you have to know who Vincent Price is. The second rule is that you have to have a special talent or gift—but not necessarily a useful one. Do you throw up once a day? You’re in. Emanate a consistently spooky vibe from beneath a bed sheet? Consider yourself a club member.

If you think you have what it takes, you can actually sign up here, if you want to know more before committing yourself, check out the Stas’ video. In it, an ensemble of quasi-gifted misfits team up to grant legendary horror actor Vincent Price his last wish: the cremation of his skull, which, according to the premise of the short, has been stolen and is being kept away from fire and flame in a SPOOKY old house.

The video stars Michael Muyunda, Simon Curd, Clare Woods, Rowan Stas, a vicious toy poodle mix called Chewie, and Swiss Army Man co-director Daniel Scheinert. Although we’re a couple days late in marking the anniversary of Price’s death (it was October 25—spooky!) we’re totally in time for Halloween, so watch the short below to put yourself in a spooky mood.