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Shaving With Lasers Is Where It’s At

Does shaving with a razor blade leave you feeling like a prickly, primitive beast? Well, then the Skarp Laser Razor is for you. The makers behind this (ahem) cutting-edge new product have already created a prototype that will totally cut your hair for a super close shave without melting your skin.

As reported by CNET, not only will the device prevent landfills from getting two billion used razors per year in the U.S. (the laser supposedly lasts about 5,000 hours and can be used without water), but it also promises an irritation-free shave. No scratches. No razor burn. No infection. No itch. No accidental cutting. Just effortlessly smooth strokes. Now that’s 21st century shaving!


Unfortunately, we’re not living in this utopic future just yet; the team behind the product is trying out a Kickstarter campaign (avec snazzy video) to get the funds they need. The good news is they’ve already received $1,392,760 out of their $160,000 fund goal, and there’s still 19 days to go.

And if/when we do get these babies, they’ll cost about $159 American dollars, plus $20 shipping. But c’mon, we’re talking about lasers here. LASERS!

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