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5 Differences Between Sinister and Sinister 2

When Sinister arrived in theatres three years ago, it took many viewers by surprise with its restraint, credible acting, and massive commercial success. (Made for just $3 million, it went on to earn $77 million worldwide.) If you’ve been reading the reviews for the sequel, you’ve probably arrived at a no-brainer idea for the franchise’s third entry: Bughuul tortures kids like never before by making them watch Sinister 2. But how do we account for the drop-off in quality? Here are five ways Sinister 2 differs from its predecessor.

More irresponsible parenting

sinister 2

In Sinister, Ethan Hawke’s Ellison Oswalt was reckless to move his family into a crime scene, but he didn’t know the full extent of the danger. Shannyn Sossamon‘s Courtney Collins is far more informed—and she doesn’t have a responsible parent to back her up.

Less suitable career choice

sinister 2

In Sinister, Ellison was a crime writer on a misguided research mission, placing him in active pursuit of the film’s mystery. Curiously passive by comparison, Courtney brings little drama to the table with her furniture restoration work. However, this does underline the franchise’s phobic preoccupation with all things old.

More comic relief

sinister 2

One of the only sources of continuity with the first film is James Ransone’s Deputy So & So (now Ex-Deputy So & So). Originally serving as occasional comic relief, he’s the main attraction this time around.

Less impressive cast

sinister 2

While Ransone and Sossamon are both capable actors, they lack the dramatic weight of Ethan Hawke, whose presence lifted the first film above its generic horror movie trappings.

More horror

sinister 2

Hoping to up the ante, Sinister 2 features a significant increase in jump scares, gore, and simulated snuff film clips. This should please the most horror hungry members of the audience, but fans of the original’s foreboding restraint are likely to notice a marked loss of impact.