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  • The Android

    The Android

     - Zoie Palmer

    In personality, The Android is more butler-like than your typical robot - concise, staid, yet surprisingly possessed of a subtly wry sense of humor. She is an indispensable member of the crew since she can exercise control over all the ship's systems, an ability of which she isn't shy about reminding everyone. An outsider among the ship's human passengers, she is almost child-like in her earnest desire to fit in. Her character will grow and evolve through her interactions with her human charges as she’ll inevitably gain acceptance as a member of the crew.
  • Six


     - Roger Cross

    On the surface, Six (aka Tiny) is a low-key bruiser, an imposing figure amongst a group of intimidating individuals. Despite the company he keeps, he is a man of integrity with little patience for B.S. Cross him at your own risk. Beneath the rough and tumble exterior, however, is a heart of gold - 14k, the softest! A surprisingly simple guy, his quiet confidence belies a fierce intelligence and philosophical nature.
  • Five


     - Jodelle Ferland

    The mascot with a knack for mechanics, Five (aka Kid) also has some mysterious abilities. What first seem like telepathic powers turn out to be jumbled memories, but whose memories are they? She's the kid with all the secrets and a propensity for getting into trouble. Easily bored, quick to mouth off, she is nevertheless a relative innocent amongst less savory company.
  • Four


     - Alex Mallari Jr.

    Ever-stoic and a master of the blade, Four's (aka Slashy McStabberson) cool, calm demeanor belies a ruthlessness that gives even his fellow crewmembers pause. He's a man of few words but, when he does speak - just like when he fights - it's with precise efficiency. A fierce and relentless opponent, he is also an equally loyal and passionate friend.
  • Three


     - Anthony Lemke

    A true bad-ass, Three (aka Sunshine) is the flip side to One's principled coin - which is why the two are often at odds, developing a (grudging) like-hate relationship over the course of their journey. He is a mercenary through-and-through, a Han Solo type, always looking out for himself. But he must come to accept the fact that if he's going to survive long enough to reach the outer colonies, he's going to have to learn to get along.
  • Two


     - Melissa O'Neil

    The group's defacto leader, Two (aka Boss Lady) is a master fighter. Determined, tough and more than a little headstrong, she is not the type you want to mess with - or disappoint. She can be cool and inscrutable and yet, at the same time, can demonstrate surprising compassion - the mark of a true leader.
  • One


     - Marc Bendavid

    Charming but a bit of a goof, One (aka Pretty Boy) is the crew's moral center, a guy who always tries to do the right thing, despite the odds stacked against him and no matter how unpopular the course of action. Sure, he screws up - but he means well.

Dark Matter follows the crew of a derelict spaceship who awaken from stasis, with no memories of who they are or how they got on board. Facing threats at every turn, they have to work together to survive a voyage charged with vengeance, betrayal, and hidden secrets. Dark Matter is created by Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie, the team behind the Dark Matter graphic novel and the fan-favourite Stargate franchise.