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Watch Our Exclusive Clip Of Ryan Reynolds’ Sci-Fi Thriller Self/less



It’s invasion of the body-snatchers all over again—only this time the thieves aren’t extraterrestrial. In Self/less, the upcoming sci-fi thriller from director Tarsem Singh (The Cell, The Fall), a kajillionaire cancer patient played by Ben Kingsley decides he wasn’t meant to die and goes looking for a workaround. Enter: mad scientist Albright (Matthew Goode). His experimental procedure will download your soul/brain/consciousness and upload it into a fresh new bod (Ryan Reynold’s to be specific) for a price—one that reaches far beyond the monetary.

In this exclusive clip for Space, Kingsley’s character is wearing Reynold’s body and has decided (a little too late) to inquire about its suspect origins. Check it out:

Birth pangs? We’re guessing Goode’s character hasn’t experienced those himself, otherwise he’d have chosen a less painful metaphor. ‘Kidney stones’ maybe, or ‘hiccups’.

A remake of John Frankenheimer’s Academy Award-nominated 1966 film Seconds, Self/less looks at a futuristic technology called “shedding” that will eventually, say the filmmakers, become a reality—the question is: will it take three decades or thirty?

In this clip, a professor of Computational Neuroscience and Bio-Inspired Engineering (yep), a California Institute of Technology prof, and the film’s stars discuss the concept:

Freaked out by the thought that, in the future, a rich person will be able to buy your body? Don’t be. If you’re reading this now, your body will likely be too old to be worth stealing by the time the technology exists—but if you’re really worried, help yourself to an extra donut or two. And lay off those ab curls.

Self/less is in thea/tres July 10.