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Every Explosion In A Schwarzenegger Movie, Together In This Supercut

Kick your shoes off, grab a donut, and forward all your calls to voicemail: it’s Friday and there’s a new Arnold Schwarzenegger supercut to watch, made by Arnie himself.


OVERKILL—The Schwarzenegger Explosion Supercut is 32 minutes long (significantly shorter than a Michael Bay explosion reel would be) and features some of his earliest, most terrible acting as well as his best, most recent blowing shit up.

While some might be tempted to call this a vanity project compiled by a guy who loves to see himself do cool stuff on screen, the video is actually part of a campaign—no, Arnie isn’t taking on Donald Trump, the most terribly coiffed villain the world has ever seen, in the Republican primaries, he’s raising funds for After-School All-Stars, a nonprofit that expands educational opportunities for low-income kids.

In addition to the anticipated balls-of-fire-and-shrapnel-type-blow-ups, the clip features one emotional, cake-throwing explosion, one vending machine explosion, one kindergarten crying explosion, and countless over-strained cotton t-shirts exploding with flexed abs, pecs, biceps, triceps, and delts.


Schwarzenegger mined a total of 23 Schwarzenegger movies (go here for the full list) setting the clips to the synthiest synth sounds every synthed to create the definitive Schwarzenegger Explosion Experience. For you, and for charity. Here are the guidelines he used:

“Explosions were counted frame by frame based on every instance of an actual explosion.

This includes repeated explosions, as well as explosions within explosions. Explosions that continued through an edit were only counted once.

An honest attempt was made to count every explosion based on these rules. In some cases an educated guess was made.”

And now, as Arnie would say, without betraying a hint of emotion either on his face or in his voice, it’s showtime: