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Science Or Fiction: Teddy And Morgan Debate The Roswell UFO Incident

Weeknights 7e 4p

One of our favourite topics here at InnerSpace is—of course—alien invasions, so we thought we’d take a closer at the Roswell UFO Incident of 1947.

The subject was put to bed in the forties until it resurfaced in the seventies, then again in the nineties, and today, there’s still tons of uncertainty as to whether or not the event was actually an extra-terrestrial crash landing. InnerSpace Hosts Morgan Hoffman and Teddy Wilson debate three major points of discussion.

DEBATE TOPIC: On July 8, 1947, the United States Air Force issued a news bulletin saying they had recovered a flying saucer that had crashed on a Roswell, New Mexico ranch.  The headline spread like wildfire, but a few hours later, the Air Force issued a second press release claiming the wreckage was actually a weather balloon…which is the popular theory held today.  Now it’s time to decide. Is The Roswell UFO Incident science or fiction?

Would the US Military’s top investigators confuse a weather balloon with a flying saucer?

TEDDY WILSON: I think the two could’ve easily been confused. Remember, the flying object crashed!  Yes, the United States Air Force is highly trained in aeronautics but imagine having to immediately identify an object that falls from the sky. Of course those on site would have some issues with accuracy.  I mean look at the evidence! The thing was in shambles I tell you!  Shambles!

MORGAN HOFFMAN: Wrong. The US Military’s top investigators would NOT confuse a weather balloon and a flying saucer. A three year old could probably tell the difference between the two.

Right before he died, Airforce Major Jesse Marcel said the weather balloon story was made up. Why?  

TEDDY: Major Jesse Marcel is what we in the biz call an unreliable narrator. First he says it’s a UFO, then he says it’s a weather balloon, then right before he dies, in a final reach for fame, he goes with the UFO story. With all due respect, the man romanticized and embellished history on his way out the door and frankly, he’s not the first old guy to do so.

MORGAN: I totally disagree. Major Jesse Marcel felt obliged to set the record straight before he died. In the statement he gave at the end of his life, Marcel claimed that the UFO couldn’t be bent, burned, cut, or torn and that it was quote “made from materials not of this world.” He’s the one who personally brought the debris to the Army Airforce Headquarters. He spent time with the materials before the military changed the story which he had to go along with. At the end of his life, when he had nothing left to lose, the man came clean.

Was there was a second UFO? Did two UFOs collide?

MORGAN: It’s a well-known fact that in the weeks leading up to Roswell, there was another crash on a nearby farm. After the two incidents occurred, UFO researchers gathered hundreds of documents through the Freedom of Information Act which back the story up. The papers prove that actual aliens were recovered and that the government has been covering it up ever since.

TEDDY: We’ve got to clarify some terminology here. Remember what UFO stands for: unidentified flying object. Like the military claims, the object was a nuclear test surveillance balloon which, to a 1947 layperson, would be an unidentified object. Heck, it would be an unidentified object to most of us in 2017. So did two UFOs collide? Maybe. Were those UFOs flying saucers? No. They were weather balloons. Just cause you don’t understand something, doesn’t mean it’s aliens.

VERDICT: Morgan says science, Teddy says fiction, but one thing’s certain, we’ve only begun to brush the surface of this complex historical moment in time. Let us know what you think @SpaceChannel/#InnerSpace. Is The Roswell UFO Incident SCIENCE? Or FICTION?

Watch the full story below!