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Did Comic-Con Reveal A Big Red Reason To Bring Colton Hayes Back To Arrow?



The future of Arrow is far from certain. Not that the show is going away anytime soon, mind you, but the exact particulars of what’s in store for Star City come season four… that’s a big mystery.

Here’s what we do know: Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak finally realized the Olicity dream and left their city behind, off on romantic adventures in parts unknown. Whatever happens next is a big enough deal to draw Oliver back into the world of crime-fighting, even though his good buddy Roy Harper faked his own death and went into hiding, all in an effort to keep Ollie’s vigilante alter ego a secret.

Could those two things be linked, though? Could Oliver’s return to Star City somehow bring Roy back into the fold?

It’s wishful thinking for many reasons, not the least of which are (1) we love Roy Harper and (2) it’s Colton Haynes’ birthday today, so the crimson-clad archer is on our mind. But it’s that very color — crimson — that burns bright in our mind’s eye today… because of something very specific actor Stephen Amell revealed during his appearance at San Diego Comic-Con:


That’s right: Amell has confirmed that at long last, Oliver Queen will return to Star City under the guise of Green Arrow. Not just any ordinary Arrow. Green Arrow, the superhero name the show has completely resisted up to this point, aside from an early exchange between Oliver and Malcolm Merlyn:




It was a throwaway gag at the time. Now, it’s a reality. How did Oliver’s position on the name Green Arrow go from “lame” to “awesome” over the course of three seasons? Is it because the name change is a necessity? That he needs to distinguish himself from the Arrow of days gone by, the one who supposedly died when Roy Harper died?

If that’s the case… and we’re just spit-balling here… does Oliver becoming Green Arrow open the door for Roy to return as Red Arrow?


Yeah, we’re pretty stoked on the idea, too. After all, Red Arrow is an alter ego Roy has used in the comics, a step up from his time as Arsenal. Could Roy return from hiding, only to rise again with a superhero name that matches his partner-in-crime-fighting’s new identity?

It’s a cool idea, but far from a given. Truth be told, it’s just as likely (and perhaps even likelier) that a Red Arrow moniker could go to Thea Queen, now that she has a red costume of her own:


Really, Roy’s future on Arrow depends on Colton Haynes wanting to return to the show. We expect to see him again at some point down the line, if not as a full-fledged series regular, and if not as the full-fledged Red Arrow. But while Colton celebrates his 27th birthday today, we’re sending out a wish of our own: Roy Harper, please put a Star City vacation on your list of things to do this year… and make sure to pack a whole lot of red.