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Ralph Breaks The Internet Features A New Kind Of Disney Princess


When last we saw Wreck-It Ralph’s Vanellope von Schweetz (Sarah Silverman), she had just been granted full princess status. Six years later that film finally has a sequel (Ralph Breaks the Internet), which gives Vanellope—a reluctant royal if ever there was one—a chance to challenge the conventions of the Disney princess. In fact, she actually gets an opportunity to (a) share the screen with some of Disney’s most famous characters and (b) critique their life choices.

“When she’s with all the Disney princesses, which is just an insane scene, she actually has something to teach,” Silverman told IndieWire. “She looks at these grownups and just is like, ‘Why are you in uncomfortable clothes?’ It is something that’s always like, perplexed me, is this idea that boys are never taught they have to be uncomfortable to be loved. Girls have this innate thing, you have to wear tight things or heels or have a small enough waist or big enough boobs or whatever. It’s all just this fabricated thing. It’s all bullsh*t, you know? You can wear comfortable clothes and still deserve love. It’s a much happier existence.”

While Disney has always been extremely protective of its creations, Silverman sees a progressive new attitude in Ralph Breaks the Internet. “They kind of let us play with these iconic characters,” she said. “I think that in another time, they may have been more protective of that. It’s poking holes in things and showing the progress and inclusivity over time. Disney itself has grown and changed and can make fun of itself. That’s a huge element of growth, and without it, how can we expect these characters to grow and to be able to make fun of each other?”

Ralph Breaks the Internet arrives in theatres on November 21. Check out the trailer below.