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Ralph Breaks The Internet For His BFF In Wreck-It Ralph’s Cyber Sequel


Anyone who’s ever read YouTube user comments knows that the internet is a scary place—even more so for a couple of classic arcade game rubes who’ve never pinned a Pinterest pin, gram’d an Instagram photo, or read a Forbes article about blockchain currency. For Ralph and Vanellope, the internet is an all-new, super scary and/or super exciting place, depending on which one of these two characters you are. When WiFi comes to Litwak’s Arcade, the world wide web is declared off-limits to the likes of Ralph, Vanellope, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Q-Bert. They’re old tech—a point made all too clear by the accidental destruction of Sugar Rush, Vanellope’s home game.

A quick Google search (thanks, smartphone-touting pre-teens) finds the part required to repair the game, but its astronomical price means that Sugar Rush is destined to be sold for scrap… unless Ralph and Vanellope can find a way to buy it (sans credit card) on eBay. And so, Ralph Breaks the Internet receives the setup fans of the first film are expecting: Ralph screws something up and then spends the rest of the movie trying (quite amusingly) to fix it. The internet, of course, is more complicated than your average arcade game, and the connectivity means that a glitch or a virus in one place can quickly spread to another.


Original Wreck-It Ralph creative team Rich Moore and Phil Johnston return to direct the sequel, pulling in a pack of Disney princesses (Which one is your BFF? Take this quiz to find out!), a Grand Theft Auto-inspired race game (featuring Gal Gadot voicing its top racer), and a YouTube/BuzzFeed hybrid run by a chief algorithm called Yesss (Taraji P. Henson). Sarah Silverman and John C. Reilly return to their respective roles (and fart jokes), taking their characters’ best-friendship to complicated places as Ralph struggles to support Vanellope while she chases after her biggest dreams. The old-colliding-with-new is a theme that’s carried throughout the story, managing to avoid heavy-handedness thanks to the sharp wit of its writers. Seeing the internet from the inside out will entertain both kids and adults (even tech luddites). Just watch out for viruses!

Ralph Breaks the Internet is uploaded to theatres on November 21. Check out the latest trailer below.