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Quidditch Pong Is The Harry Potter Drinking Game Of Your Dreams

Apart from an obvious all-consuming devotion to the books, films and, soon, the Cursed Child play and Fantastic Beasts spin-off pics, the series has also provided us with some surprisingly effective pick-up spells lines, an endless array of home decor/teaching/dessert-making opportunities, to name a few, and now we have J.K. Rowling and her spellbinding stories to thank for the wonder that is Quidditch Pong.

Even though underage Potter’s beverage of choice, Butterbeer, is devoid of Hagrid’s favorite spirits, and Quidditch is a kid-friendly outdoor sport best played with good old-fashioned water on tap, the college crowd (we assume) has brought Hogwarts home to their own universities—because it’s totally better that way, no matter where you go—and invented this game to bridge the divide. And all we can say about that is FINALLY.

The Internet has discovered this spellbinding twist on beer pong that’s making the trending rounds, and from the looks of it, everyone’s a champion when it comes to playing this game.

The set-up is pretty similar to traditional beer pong, with a pyramid of plastic cups lined up on either side of a long table.

YAAAS. #quidditchpong #stolethispicturebutitssoooodopeihadtorepostit

A photo posted by Adiel Mitchell (@adelimitchell) on

Except, HA, there are a trio of rings set up in the middle that you have to be a ping pong wizard to get through before making it into the cups (and thereby earning a drink for the other team).


A photo posted by Sara Iacovelli (@saraeye) on

Naturally, the matter of sorting houses and such must be accomplished first—unless you’re a muggle/No-Maj at heart, that is.

Quidditch Pong ???? #harrypotter #Halloween #quidditch #quidditchpong #HPparty

A photo posted by Bri Haug (@brihaug) on

And a green tablecloth does the trick of making the table have that field stadium ambiance you might be seeking.

Did your family put together and play Quidditch Pong (we renamed it Potter Pong) for Thanksgiving? Mine did.

A photo posted by Tiffani (@thetifftastic) on

If you wanna get real fancy with it (Dumbledore approves), you can even decorate the cups.

Happy Birthday @emilyhascooties #quidditch #quidditchpong #butterbeer #harrypotter #birthday #yesplease

A photo posted by Jennifer Johnson (@imagesbyjenniferlea) on

And 10 points to anyone who dresses up for the occasion, too.

#quidditch #quidditchpong

A photo posted by Samuel Adams (@samueldavidadams) on

And if you wanna be a Tri-wizard champion, you can turn the balls into little snitches for good measure.

Still need to do this #harrypotterforever #quidditchpong

A photo posted by Cassie Lightbourn (@instacass_) on

House rule tinkering is totally acceptable.

And feel free to get festive with the spectator seating options.

#harrypotter #quidditch #quidditchpong

A photo posted by Celeste Natashia Baerg (@oftheshiree) on

There are a lotta ways to make Quidditch Pong happen at home, but one thing’s for sure: this game is a keeper.