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Potted Potter Is Pretty Magical

potted potter

potted potter

I’ve been reading rave reviews about Potted Potter for the past few years now so I was excited to hear that the “unauthorized Harry experience” was returning to Toronto. This show is famous for showcasing all seven Harry Potter books in 70 minutes. As much as I love all things HP, I was more curious as to how a two-man comedy was going to accomplish this.

I was blown away.

The first thing you need to know is that you DON’T need be a Potterhead to appreciate this show. One character is a Harry Potter expert and the other pretends to be but in fact knows zilch. This dynamic is what makes the show so funny without alienating anyone in the audience. Speaking of audience, this show is for all ages. I went to Potted Potter opening night in Toronto and I was amazed to see the variety of ages of all those who attended. From little ones to adults, everyone seemed to get all the jokes and was laughing out loud.

I don’t want to give too much away but trust me when I say Ben Stratton and James Percy were able to entertain an entire theatre from start to finish. Without a grand set or grand props, both performers hit all major plot points of the book series while wearing ridiculous wigs, singing, and playing a giant game of Quidditch with the audience. This show is a must-see for those who want a goofy version of Harry Potter, or anyone who just wants to witness a little magic on stage.

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