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Pinball’s Comeback Continues With The Ultimate Spider-Man

Like many cultural institutions from the past (vinyl records, 35mm film prints), pinball machines have managed to hang on far longer than expected. Even the most sophisticated pinball machine seems somewhat retro next to today’s most cutting edge arcade technology, but the world is full of people with an unquenchable thirst and/or nostalgia for the format. With that in mind, it should come as no surprise that some of the most popular movie, TV, and comic franchises are still going strong in pinball form.

The latest example is Stern Pinball’s take on The Ultimate Spider-Man series of comics. Part of the company’s “Vault Series,” this game is a reworking of the machine launched in conjunction with the 2007 release of Spider-Man 3. According to IGN, the gameplay hasn’t changed much, but the new game features entirely new art (based on The Ultimate Spider-Man comics), new voices, and a few new songs. Take a closer look at all the Spidey action here.


If that sounds like an enticing proposition, you might want to head to an arcade-near-you to sample these other recent additions.

Game of Thrones


Released in three different editions (limited, premium, and pro), this machine lets you pick one of Westeros’ seven dysfunctional families and compete for the Iron Throne.

The Walking Dead


Pinball was never completely dead, but The Walking Dead stills feels like a suitable fit for the enduring game format. Killing (re-killing?) zombies with a small steel ball may not be practical in the real world, but that’s the goal in this pinball adaptation of AMC’s wildly popular TV series.

Star Wars

Announced earlier today (and set for a January 12 release), the two new Star Wars pinball machines (The Force Awakens, Might of the First Order) are selling for an unusually affordable five dollars. Why so cheap? They’re video games add-ons for the Star Wars Pinball, Zen Pinball 2, and Pinball FX2 platforms.