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10 Reasons We’re Already Obsessed With Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams

ELectric Dreams

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On November 12, Space will air a new episode from the hugely anticipated sci-fi show, Electric Dreams. The Bryan Cranston-produced anthology series, based on the short stories of Philip K. Dick, follows in the footsteps of other creepy science fiction offerings like Black Mirror, taking us to separate and unique settings for one-off, one-hour forays into the writer’s dark imagination.

Each episode features a different cast and is set in a different version of reality—and we’ve got reasons to be excited for each one, starting with ‘Human Is’, which you can catch right after Star Trek: Discovery’s mid-season semi-finale on Sunday. Here’s why we can’t wait to watch:


1. The series features actors you already love.


“Human Is” features not one but two Game of Thrones actors: Essie Davis (she was Arya Stark’s stage actress friend in Season 6 of the show) and Liam Cunningham (Ser Davos, of course). It also stars Bryan Cranston, who plays a military hero who returns to Earth from a mission to Rexor IV as a changed man. His wife (Davis) thinks it’s a good thing. The government? Not so much.


2. It’s pretty timely, considering the current state of politics.

“Kill All Others” stars Vera Farmiga (Bates Motel) as a pro-violence politician whose words carry a terrible weight—and terrible consequences for anyone brave enough to defy them.


3. It’ll make you pick a side—and then switch.

ELectric Dreams

‘Autofac’ is set in a consumerist world gone sideways where our happiness depends on consumption for consumption’s sake. Everything runs as smoothly as it can (this is still a dystopian world, after all) until a group decides to try to tear it all down. Janelle Monáe and Juno Temple star.


4. It’s full of slow-building, subtle scares.

Annalise Basso (Captain Fantastic) plays Maura Tierney’s daughter in “Safe and Sound,” a story based on Dick’s “Foster, You’re Dead!” The episode messes with our security-obsessed minds and our fears about terrorism.


5. Alien invasions? Of course there are alien invasions!

ELectric Dreams

Mireille Enos and Greg Kinnear play the parents of a young boy who catches on quickly when extraterrestrials begin to take over our bodies for their own nefarious purposes in “Father Thing.”


6. It plays on our fear of the unknown other.


“The Hood Maker” is an especially clever episode that pits ‘Normals’ against ‘Teeps’—telepaths who can read our minds and know every last embarrassing thing we’ve done. Set in a police state, the cops use the Teeps to their advantage, pitting one side against the other. The episode stars Cinderella’s Holliday Grainger and Game of Thrones’ Richard Madden.


7. It believes in impossible love across time and space.


Geraldine Chaplin (yep, that’s Charlie’s daughter) stars in “Impossible Planet,” about a woman whose dying wish is to visit the place her grandmother grew up and told such incredible stories about: Earth. She hires two men who are only interested in her money to take here there, but motives change during the journey.


8. There’s an episode that takes its cue from Twin Peaks.


“The Commuter” stars Timothy Spall and Tuppence Middleton as an unlikely pair who come together to debate the value of suffering. The episode is partly set in an alternate reality coffee shop that serves excellent… cake.


9. The production design is really, really great.

Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams

“Crazy Diamond” sets Steve Buscemi’s character up for disaster when he’s recruited by a dying android (West World’s Sidse Babett Knudsen) to help steal from his employer. The episode takes you from the perfect pink-and-blue hued world of those who live according to the rule, to the smokey, grey underworld of those who don’t. “Crazy Diamond” will air on December 25 at 10e 7p, after the Doctor Who Xmas special.


10. It’ll make you question your own reality.


“Real Life,” starring Anna Paquin and Terrence Howard, flips back and forth between the real and virtual worlds so many times that by the episode’s half-way point, you won’t know which is which—and that’s what makes it so awesome.