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Out With The Old, In With The New

Weeknights 7e 4p

Some of our favourite shows and movies this past year have been carried out by some of the youngest and most talented stars in Hollywood. Don’t remember? Two words: Stranger. Things. Thankfully, that isn’t the only example of how bright young Hollywood is looking. The kids of It stole the (freak)show from Pennywise the Dancing Clown with such biting humour and amazing chemistry that we don’t even want a grown-up sequel.

The trend doesn’t seem to be stopping either. Canada’s eight-year-old sweetheart Jacob Tremblay will be bringing the novel Wonder to life this month, a sweet story about a boy named Auggie struggling to show his middle school peers that he’s just a regular kid. Marvel’s Runaways not only has a young cast but is a diverse, female-driven team to boot. Ezra Miller, 25, stood his ground as The Flash among his older, more established co-stars in Justice League which is generating buzz for his own stand-alone film alongside Forbes’ 30 under 30 alum Kiersey Clemons.

Pixar’s newest film Coco is being met with glowing reviews ahead of its wide release for its heartwarming story and colorful animation. Our host Ajay recently interviewed the 12-year-old breakout star of the film, Andrew Gonzalez about his lead role as Miguel and we’ll be the first to tell you first hand: the energy and positivity radiating from him is enough to light a room up like a Christmas tree and we’ll definitely be seeing more of him on the big screen.

Young Hollywood is smart, talented and ready for a challenge. The importance of friendship, being brave in the face of adversity, embracing everyone’s differences: these are all themes we’ve forgotten in our adult lives but have been reminded of in these young films. More films and TV shows giving these bright, young talents more to work with would be that breath of fresh air we’ve needed for a while. Can we start with a live action Teen Titans movie? Please?