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Season Premiere Recap: Endings Become Beginnings In “The Collapse of Nature”

Sheep masks, cheek choppers, minders, and Maggie Chen: for its season four premiere, Orphan Black doubled back to an old story about Beth’s accidental shooting, its coverup, and the events that led to it. The big revelation? It all centres on this season’s new clone.


MK’s accent and haphazard haircut might remind you of Helena, but her paranoia and determination to discover the truth about the Leda clones is pure Sarah. Working with Beth, she tries to convince her new sister that she—as well as Cosima and Alison—are all in great danger. To demonstrate this, she tips Beth off to some Neolutionist activities that go far beyond harmless (but gross) body modifications.

The dead guy with the bifurcated penis and missing cheek is Edward Capra, a Neolutionist “tadpole” who MK saw a pair of paramedics bury in the woods the night before. Thanks to her intel, Beth sets off on a trail that leads her to Club Neolution and, eventually, to Dr. Aldous Leekie (RIP).


And while she might be good at her job, Beth’s personal life is a disaster. She’s discovered that her live-in boyfriend Paul is her monitor and she’s relying on Alison for the pills that make it possible for her to deal with that reality (plus the pee that makes it possible for her to pass her mandated drug tests).

In an effort to get him to tell her the truth, Beth sets the stage to seduce Paul one night but ends up pulling a gun on him instead. Done behind his back, he doesn’t see it (or at least he pretends not to—the guy’s got crazy amounts of military training, he probably knew). Distraught, Beth runs straight into the arms of… Her partner?


No wonder Art was so freaked out by Sarah when she was first posing as Beth. Slipping out in the middle of the night, Beth leaves Art’s place after receiving a call from a woman she met at Club Neolution who’s worried about her boyfriend. And with good reason. He’s gone to get a tiny implant removed from his cheek after it quadrupled in size. Enter: the cheek choppers. Beth spies on the two paramedics and a third man in glasses as they commit another murder. Clumsily alerting everyone to her presence, she’s forced to run. Scared, she accidentally shoots Maggie Chen. When she’s taken to the station for questioning, it’s the same man in glasses (Detective Duko) who escorts her.

The last time we see Beth in this episode is in MK’s trailer, where she collapses onto the couch, exhausted. Then we’re back in the present day and MK is suddenly calling Sarah in Iceland with a warning: run. Run now.