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Everything We Know About The Beginning Of The End Of Orphan Black

It’s almost time to get the Clone Club back together. In just over a month, Orphan Black returns to Space for its final season—the first episode, titled “The Few Who Dare,” debuts Saturday June 10 at 10e 7p.

When we last saw Sarah, she was marooned on Neolution territory trying to save Cosima. As things stand, it’s Sarah who’s in need of saving now. And the latest intel on the upcoming season sees her returning to “a familiar nightmare.”

Here’s what we know about what’s in store for the sestras in Season 5: “Nearly all the clone sisters have been brought to heel and Sarah’s next in line. Yet this time, Rachel doesn’t resort to force to break Sarah’s defiant spirit.” (Translation: she kidnaps Kira instead.)

Uncharacteristically, Rachel “wields her newfound power with grace, and dubiously promises an end to the violence if Sarah cooperates. Wary of these new terms, Sarah leans on Mrs. S to teach her a new strategy as they change tactics to pursue a long game. Working together, the sisters uncover the missing pieces of the insidious conspiracy, and finally learn the story behind their origin.”

As for the premiere, it will kick off with Sarah heading further into the island’s interior “only to discover a mysterious village—the beating heart of the Neolution agenda.” Cosima’s already there, reunited with the love of her life, Delphine—though who knows how long that will last, considering that Rachel is in charge, acting as the right-hand of the mysterious PT Westmoreland, Neolution’s alleged 170-year-old architect. Back at home, the other clones (and Donnie, too) are being hunted down in an attempt to bring them all under control (that would be Rachel’s, of course).

Catch up on the first four seasons of Orphan Black right now on CraveTV, then watch new Season 5 episodes right here on and SpaceGO. Also, don’t forget to tune in Monday nights at 6e 3p for weekly recaps with the hosts of Innerspace as they explore the show’s every angle through interviews, behind-the-scenes features, and viewer questions.