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Orphan Black Recap: Beneath Her Heart, Under His Kilt, And Below The Garage Floor

Hey, so remember that time Alison killed someone? Like, the first time. Okay, so she didn’t actually kill her neighbour pal Aynsley Norris, but she definitely didn’t stop her from being killed either. If you have trouble keeping a handle on the Orphan Black body count, just remember that Aynsley’s is the one death Ali was involved in where the body isn’t buried in the Hendrix family garage.

This week’s episode flashes back to the time when Aynsley was still alive (and Ali had yet to sleep with her husband). Apparently the two couples had a hallucinogenic-fuelled double date and guess what? Aynsley’s pretty cool to hang out with when she’s high. Ali’s not bad either, unless one of her newly discovered clone sisters is calling her (Beth) or showing up at her door (Cosima).

Ali’s trip down memory lane is sparked by a church fun fair run-in with Aynsley’s widower and two orphaned children. It’s the kind of encounter that can drive a person to drink. And smoke a joint with their former teenaged dealer. And come close to drugging the fun fair’s organizer to the point of overdose. Lucky Donnie drank that spiked iced tea. He’s a big enough guy to metabolize it. Well, almost.

If that wasn’t enough stress on the Hendrix fam, Art and his Neo partner are back at their house with a search warrant. So you know they’re eventually going to wind up jackhammering through Alison’s garage floor. When they find Leekie, it looks like Donnie is going to be forced to give up Helena’s hiding spot. Instead, Alison steps up, heading straight to Rachel’s desk at Dyad to deposit Dr. Leekie’s severed head. Ali won’t be blackmailed into giving up her sister—because she knows that those bodies in her garage light up a trail that leads straight back to Dyad. It was Alison’s first meeting with Rachel, and she came out of it the winner. Who would have thought? Clearly not Matty, who, unknowingly, probably benefitted the most from Alison’s victory.

Sarah, however, doesn’t do as well. Rachel still has Kira coming into Dyad for testing and Kira’s taking home ideas from the lab—ones that involve experimenting. On herself. With a Swiss Army knife. Guard your kids, Aunty Rachel is not a good influence. Alison is, but she’s not going to be around to help Sarah sort Kira out. She’s decided to skip town for awhile.

5 questions we have about this week’s episode

1. Where exactly do Kira’s super healing powers come from and why doesn’t her mother or aunts have the same abilities? Does it skip a generation?2

2. Why didn’t Art just shoot Matty anyway? The grave was already dug.

3. Did Kristian Bruun get to keep Donnie’s Highland dancing outfit when the season wrapped? We hope so.

4. Where is Alison going? Is it Clone Club business or the opposite? Her return to drinking did seem like proof that she needed an escape.

5. It looks like Helena is documenting her life story in a journal—should we look for that in the self-help section or in with the horror novels?