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Orphan Black Recap: Let Guillotines Decide Our Greatest Disputes

All of S’s secretive efforts to save Sarah, Kira and the rest of the Clone Club has come at a price—but that’s what happens when, out of desperation and necessity, you align yourself with the likes of Rachel and Ferdinand.

Rachel has proven herself uninclined to help unless there’s something to be gained and Ferdinand kills clones professionally. And for fun (RIP MK). No wonder S refuses to let Sarah in on her plans.

But the deal she’s made to take down Dyad requires Rachel’s cooperation, and no matter how big a gamble that is, the alternative is worse. In order to permanently end Neolution’s reign of terror over the sestras (and put a stop to their planet-wide sterilization plans, NBD) S trusted Rachel with the evidence against Neolution, hoping that instead of using it to blackmail the Dyad board (Ferdinand’s personal preference), she’ll hand it over so that the company can be exposed to the public.

Just as it looks like Rachel and Ferdinand are about to embark on a life of luxury and frittatas, she double crosses him, sending him to Dyad with a blank drive and handing over the data to S as she’d promised. It’s a classic Rachel move—and she pays a high price for it. It’s dangerous to date a clone killer when you’re a clone. Humiliated, Ferdinand returns and savagely takes out his fury on Rachel, nearly killing her. Then he goes after S.

All this violence and drama plays out as the sestras are celebrating Felix’s first big art show featuring paintings that he’s dedicated to each of them.

It was S who insisted that they all go—Sarah being out of the house was part of her plan all along. It seems that she knew Ferdinand would come after her once Cosima and Delphine had hit the send button, putting all that evidence against Dyad into the hands of both the government and the media. While the Clone Club parties, S prepares to meet her fate.

Predictably, Ferdinand has already arrived at S’s, trashed the place, and is lying in wait for her. He wants to know if the evidence against Dyad has already gone public. S tells him that it has. The only thing left to do now, is to shoot at each other. S fires a seemingly fatal shot that hits Ferdinand in the neck but his aim is good, too. His bullet goes straight to her heart.

5 questions we have about this week’s episode

1. Is S dead?! S can’t actually be dead, can she??

2. Is Rachel… good now?

3. Will Sarah be able to accept S’s sacrifice (and Rachel’s) or will she seek to act out some sort of revenge—most likely on Rachel since Ferdinand seems to have stopped breathing.

4. Gracie is dead and Mattie and her goons have Helena (and the babies). What do they even want them for now that Dyad is dying?

5. How weird is it for Kira to meet Charlotte, the child-sized version of her mother and aunts?