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Orphan Black Recap: Right Or Wrong, Good Or Evil, Gag Or Throttle

Could Neolution’s downfall come at the hands of Rachel Duncan?

We know. It sounds improbable, but after the mistake Virginia Coady made in the way she treated Rachel (like just another clone), it no longer seems impossible. Rachel thought she was free—her file says she isn’t. Could anything make her angrier or more vengeful? Actually, yes. When she goes snooping in Westmorland’s office she discovers something on his iPad: a live video link… to her new eyeball.

P.T. accusing Rachel having feelings (one at least) must have been the last straw. It is strange though, the way Rachel seems to be developing a genuine fondness for Kira (despite parading her in front of the Dyad board and introducing her as their new “Eve”). But now that Sarah knows what Dyad plans to do with her daughter (thanks, Cos!) we doubt that Kira will be spending much more time with Aunty Rachel.

It could be worse. Kira could be in the care of her Uncle Mark instead. As the only living Castor clone left, Mark is desperate to be cured so that he can stay with Gracie. So desperate that he agrees to work with Coady in order to find out where Helena is. Coady nearly has Kira in her clutches—Helena’s babies are the final piece to the Lin-28 puzzle.

But just as Kira is about to be operated on at Dyad, Cosima and Sarah get through to Rachel, sharing what they know about P.T.’s true identity. His name is John Patrick Mathieson and he’s nowhere near a century plus old. Rachel pretends not to believe it (Westmorland is watching, after all) but she quickly makes her move.

After handing Kira over to Sarah, S, and Art, Rachel lets P.T. see her drowning her sorrows in glass after glass of the hard stuff. But the alcohol is doing more than just numbing her emotions, it’s also mitigating the physical pain she’s about to inflict on herself… when she gouges out her robo-eye with the broken stem of a martini glass. So much for Westmorland’s surveillance system.

5 questions about this week’s episode

1. So… what does everyone think of Alison’s new haircut?

2. When Rachel hands Kira over to her mother, S looks at her and whispers “Thank you.” Have they been collaborating all along?

3. How will Rachel survive that eye-gouging? It’s not like she has a tight-knit squad of pals she can call to take her to the hospital (or smuggle her out of the country).

4. Alison swears she’s giving up her two favourite things: crafting and bossing Donnie. Is that going to last?

5. What’s going to do down at Dyad when they find out their mascot is a total fraud?