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Orphan Black Recap: The Neo Motto Is ‘Let the Children & Childbearers Toil’

Susan Duncan has the worst luck. She survived Rachel’s attempt to kill her but would up as P.T.’s prisoner (although the prison is pretty nice). The two have a past. Their split was a result of a disagreement, not about Neolution’s end goal, but over the means of achieving it.

Hints are dropped about an experiment gone horribly wrong—an experiment with a human subject. One guess as to who/what that “bear” in the woods really is.

The bear myth isn’t the only the only fake news floating around. Someone’s put half-true ideas in Kira’s head about the possibility of magic healing powers. Sarah discovers Kira’s own little experiment, and is horrified. Determined to keep her daughter far away from Rachel, Sarah and S begin to construct a new plan that involves a trip to the Royal York’s Library Bar, a drink thrown in S’s face, and a swiped ID.

The ID is to get them into mental facility to see (military-style drum roll please) Virginia Coady. No, she isn’t working there, doing lobotomies just like back in the good ol’ days of Castor. She’s a patient, drugged into submission and committed by none other than Susan Duncan (a confession Susan makes later on in the episode to Ira). Coady, says Susan, must be kept away from P.T. Together, they’re dangerous. She’s agreed to work for Westmorland in an effort to protect Leda, but Sarah and S’s visit to Coady may have made that impossible.

Coady isn’t the only person S and Sarah pay a visit to. They also stop over at the convent where Helena’s been hiding—is it weird to worry that a return to a religious-adjacent life could be a bad influence on Helena? Guess we’ll find out. At least the babies are okay.

While S and Sarah pursue one thread of the conspiracy, Felix and Adele, recruited for her stellar embezellment skills (and you thought she was disbarred for being a raging alcoholic!), head to Switzerland to trace the money trail and find out who’s financing Neolution’s operations.

Back to that bear: snooping around P.T.’s place, Cosima uncovers a basement cell featuring all the comforts of home (you know, blood-stained walls, chains, manacles). We find out that it used to be the not-so-private quarters of the test subject that led to Neolution’s split—the one that assigned Leda to Susan and Castor to Virginia Coady. Since his escape, he’s been hiding in the woods surrounding camp Revival. Mud brings him food and fresh clothing—at great personal risk.

5 questions about this week’s episode

1. Does Kira actually have the fast healing powers that Helena’s babies seem to have or is that just some nonsense Rachel’s fed her to make her feel special?

2. What about Helena’s babies: will they have the ability to “feel” each Leda clone the way Kira can?

3. What would the return of Virginia Coady to Neolution mean for Leda—especially now that Castor is next to non-existent?

4. P.T.’s not really as old as he says he is, right? It seems like nothing but a Neo marketing tool.

5. Susan wants access to Rachel’s data on Kira. What are her plans for that kind of information? Can she be trusted to protect Leda?