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Turning A Toothbrush Into A Shiv: Donnie’s In Deep Trouble In “The Redesign of Natural Objects”


On this week’s episode of Orphan Is the New Black, Donnie takes a page from Piper Chapman’s book and winds up wearing head-to-toe orange for helping the woman he loves traffic illicit drugs on the black market. Unlike Chapman, Donnie is on the inside alone. Well, not quite alone, but definitely without any friends.


While Alison does her best to get him out with the help of Felix’s disbarred lawyer sister Adele (the best help she can afford now that the Hendrix’s bank accounts have been frozen), Dt. Duko uses the situation to his advantage.


Neolution has a couple of heavies locked up with Donnie, and if Ali doesn’t give Sarah up to Duko, Donnie’s new pals are going to stick a sharpened toothbrush into his brain through his eye socket. Even Neo technology couldn’t bring him back from that.


Luckily for Sarah, Mrs. S was out Duko hunting and happened to come upon the detective strong-arming Alison, allowing Team Leda to stay one step ahead of him.


As Ali struggles with her conscience (and Jesus Christ, Superstar rehearsals), Cosima and Scott are struggling with the idea of joining forces with Susan (and Rachel, and Ira) so that they can have access to the resources that would allow them to test Cosima’s latest idea for a cure: combining a Leda egg (Sarah’s) with Castor sperm (Ira’s) to make embryonic stem cells. Considering that both the cutting-edge lab facilities and the sperm are in Susan’s hands (not, like, literally but you know what we mean), Cosima doesn’t have a lot of options.


And neither does Alison. How do you choose between your husband and your sister? It’s like trying to pick your favourite show tune. Of course, just when it looks as though Duko has forced Alison’s hand, we find out that she’s actually helped lay a trap for the corrupt cop.


Ali gives up the name of the comic book shop, but when Duko gets there, Sarah, Art, and an unforgiving Mrs. S are waiting… to wire him up to a car battery and question about Evie Neolutionism goals. Earlier, Mika tipped them off to the fact that he’s on the Brightborn payroll. But since he doesn’t seem to know much, other than that Evie wants a worm bot for everyone else and Sarah all for herself, S goes ahead and follows through on the plan she had for him all along: putting a bullet in his chest as revenge for what he did to her mother.


With Cosima, Charlotte, and now Mika all sick, the stakes surrounding a cure have never been higher. Leda needs a breakthrough, so Cosima heads to Susan’s own Island Of Doctor Moreau with Sarah’s egg, just as Rachel tells her mother she’s ready to leave. Swan glitches be damned, she wants to return to the city—to help Sarah take down Brightborn and Evie Cho.