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Neolutionist Tech Makes Its Devastating Mark In “The Stigmata of Progress”

Out of all the technology born of Neolutionism, Rachel’s cool new iEye is definitely a favourite. Way (way, way) better then the time the body modders brought back the vestigial tail. Shudder. Castor-administered pigment injections aside, the eye is really cool to look at (and, we assume, out of). If only the Neos could do something for her mobility struggles.


With the meanest Leda clone under lock and key in location even she isn’t certain of, you’d think that life on the outside would be marginally safer for her sisters. But this is Orphan Black. So, nah.


Cosima and Scott have figured out that Sarah’s new parasite, the overgrown cheek maggot we met last episode, has attached itself to the maxillary artery in her jaw. They’re not sure why, but Dizzy, the guy who’s phone Sarah recently swiped, suspects it has something to do with its proximity to the brain. Not terrifying at all, right?

As if Sarah doesn’t have enough to worry about, Kira, normally so well-adjusted (for a kid who’s spent more than half of her life running from one faction of government/corporate-hired killers or another), begins acting out while complaining of upsetting visions of her mum being set on fire by her aunties. Yikes.

If there’s any hope of helping Sarah consciously uncouple from her unwanted worm friend, a prototype will have to be unearthed. Luckily, Alison and Donnie know just where to dig: under their own garage, where Dr. Leekie’s RIP-ing is about to come to an abrupt end.


Hands up if you caught yourself holding your breath while Donnie described Leekie’s decomposing body as smelling like “hot garbage juice.” At least the excavation produced results—just in time for the cops to show up.

Helena does surprisingly well in deflecting questions about the multiple homicide at Pouchy’s. People don’t give her enough credit (beyond the credit she gets for being a highly trained killer).


While the sestras are confronting new obstacles on all fronts, Felix is attending a boozy underpass picnic with Adele. ‘Who the hell is Adele?’ you might ask (especially if you’re Sarah). Adele is a disbarred lawyer, a morning drinker, and Felix’s birth sister.


While the two long-lost siblings get daytime smashed together, Felix’s old sister is undergoing an involuntary dental procedure. With Art’s help, Sarah tracked down one of Beth’s old contacts who, thinking she’s Beth, betrays her and tries to turn her over to the Neolutionists. Certain death is narrowly avoided when a former associate of Rachel’s shows up. Bless Ferdinand and his continuously excellent timing.


Ferdinand offers more than just a rescue, though. He also has information about Susan Duncan and the fact that she’s still alive. His source? Rachel (and Charlotte).