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“Transgressive Border Crossings” Could Be Neolutionism’s Tagline

As Sarah and Mrs. S debate whether or not to heed the warning they’ve just received from a complete stranger, the decision is taken out of their hands when Kira sees the lights of a half-dozen trucks heading towards the isolated Icelandic cabin they’d been hiding out in.


The women make it out without a second to spare, leaving nothing but a pile of ash behind them, thanks to S’s inclination towards being a totally badass pyromaniac. Neolutionist thugs evaded, Sarah finds herself back in the city with her sisters. Cosima, still struggling with her health, has set up an awesome underground lab stocked with equipment liberated from Dyad after the company folded. Alison and Donnie are taking care of Helena who, we learn, is expecting identical twins—news that Ali takes really, really well. Or not.


Catching up with Felix, we find out that he’s also looking to expand his family—by beginning a search for his birth parents. Now it’s Sarah’s turn to react badly to big news.

The episode wasn’t all reunions and family squabbling though. Kira, for one, wasn’t reunited with her dad (where is Cal anyway?) and Sarah isn’t the type to revel in relaxation and family time—not when there’s a new clone out there.

Reconnecting with Art, Sarah and the detective begin digging into his former partner’s past. Rummaging through her apartment, they come up with several leads. One is Beth’s clandestine drug kit, the other is the surveillance camera she set up to spy on Paul. Watching the feed, Sarah spots Tina, the pregnant Neolutionist, and ropes an unwitting Felix into helping to track her down.


But it’s Sarah who’s found at the club, though the man who finds her thinks she’s MK and shows her a video he tracked down at MK’s request. Uh, it’s terrifying. Turns out when you try to extract those little cheek larvae improperly, the things freak out and murder their host in an very unpleasant way. Glad no one we know has one of those.


Damn it. What does this mean? What the hell are the Neolutionists planning to do with the implants. And who did the two medics who attacked Sarah think she was—Beth? She had a scar like the one they mentioned, remember? Does Neolution think Beth is still alive? Whoa. IS BETH STILL ALIVE?

This trip back in time we’re taking to see how Beth spent that last days of her life has raised new kinds of questions we’d never thought to have asked before. Like where did she go the night she left her apartment in a blonde wig and returned with someone else’s blood on her hands?


Just two episodes in, the new season seems intent on giving Orphan Black fans an anxiety attack with its frenetic pace and loads of fresh intrigue—but it’s the kind of anxiety we await eagerly every single week.