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The Latest Peanuts Trailer Mixes The Old With The New

As any serious fan of Peanuts specials and movies will tell you, the series reached its peak around the time of the 1969 theatrical release, A Boy Named Charlie Brown. Charles M. Schulz and company kept churning out product for the next several decades—and some of these specials were mildly enjoyable—but none captured the magic of the ’60s Peanuts. It’s too early to say if Fox’s upcoming The Peanuts Movie will reach those heights, but it appears an effort has been made to reinvent, rather than simply imitate, the early triumphs.

In the brand new trailer, the iconic Vince Guaraldi theme is nowhere to be heard and the handmade modesty of the original has been replaced with “state of the art 3D animation,” but the resulting sensibility feels like a respectable balance of old and new. With some hand-drawn flourishes thrown in, the characters retain their classic look, while also appearing to be the product of 2015. If you’re still nervous about the results, here are five reasons to give The Peanuts Movie a chance.

The Peanuts gang still plays in the snow


Charlie Brown still has a dark side


Lucy is still selling her medical opinion


Pigpen still smells funny


The Peanuts still dance like no one else


The Peanuts Movie hits theatres on November 6th. If you’re hungry for more Peanuts fun, be sure to visit the official site, create your own Peanuts character, and/or watch the new trailer now.