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We’ve Got Two New Doctor Who Clips To Get You Through To The Christmas Special

Doctor Who

The cast and crew of Doctor Who have put together a special little something to mark the lead up to the holidays (and the Christmas Special that’s become a December 25th tradition for every Whovian in Who-ville).

In honour of the departing Twelfth Doctor, they’ve gift-wrapped and delivered a very Who version of “The Twelve Days of Christmas.” Instead of turtle doves and maids a-milking we’re getting furry fezes, a pair Converse creeping, and the obligatory TARDIS and Dalek cameos (way more practical). Check out the Doctor Who video Christmas card—“The Twelve Doctors of Christmas”—below.

In addition to our 12 Time Lords a-leaping, there’s also a short tribute clip to celebrate the too-short tenure of Peter Capaldi’s Doctor. “The Man Who Stops Monsters” highlights Twelve’s best moments, his most moving scenes, and some of the worst monsters that he and his Who companions went up against.

This month, we’re losing one of the funniest (remember when he fought Robin Hood with a spoon?) and best-dressed (those jackets! those Doc Martens!) Doctors the series has ever seen. It’s bittersweet—because we can’t wait to watch what Jodie Whittaker will do as the very first female Doctor, but we’ll definitely miss Twelve. Watch “The Man Who Stops Monsters” below.