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These Brave People Just Watched Jaws The Way It Was Meant To Be Seen



Now, this is how Jaws was meant to be seen.

Alamo Drafthouse, ever the cinematic conquistador of creativity, staged a new “Jaws on the Water” event at the man-made lake at Texas Ski Resort this week, having viewers float around in non-shark-proof inner-tubes as they watched the film that made us all very afraid to go in the water.

Brave. Soooooo brave. And the prank potential here? Epic.


A photo from the event, which was hashtagged #4D because FOR REAL, has been making waves over on Facebook today (July 3).

And the commentators had some slippery sneak attack suggestions, like, “Slip off your tube, swim under water to a different tube and grab someone’s feet and pull them in. They would crap their pants.” Evil. And also genius.

And speaking of brilliance, they also had floating bars scattered throughout the aqueous venue and served seafood tacos. Because when it comes to “Jaws,” the “Fish Are Friends, Not Food” ethic does not apply. Sorry Bruce!

This isn’t the first time Alamo’s scared the swim trunks off of people with its “Jaws on the Water” screening idea. They actually hosted a very similar event back in 2002, and they report of it, “People who were lucky enough to be there speak of it in hushed tones.” (Cue the theme music.)