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The 7 Most Memorable Space Moments Of 2017


Okay, so 2017 isn’t gonna go down in history as one of humanity’s brightest years, BUT: if you block out everything else that happened in the world and only look at the stuff that took place on Space, it was a pretty awesome 365 days.

2017 was the year we got a new Blade Runner movie, a dark and hilarious horror film (Get Out) written by one of our favourite comedians, more Star Wars, another It, and (finally) a female-led superhero film. On TV, some of our favourite sci-fi shows and stars made big entrances and exits and new franchises finally debuted after months of anticipation. And then there was that InnerSpace vs. Harrison Ford red carpet moment… ah, memories. Here’s our list of big events from the year:


1. Orphan Black wrapped up its fifth and final season

Following a 2016 Emmy win for the show’s star, Tatiana Maslany, the clone conspiracy came to an epic climax as the sestras all worked together (yep, even Rachel) to take down Dyad and its shadowy Neolution founders. Oh, and Helena FINALLY gave birth to those babies, Purple and Orange.


2. We said goodbye to Peter Capaldi

Actually, we bid the Twelfth Doctor adieu a few times. First, there was that regeneration fake out in episode eight, “The Lie Of The Land,” which had us freaking out that we were about to lose a doctor mid-season. Then there was the Season 10 finale which saw the Doctor fight against the inevitability of regeneration with everything he had. The goodbyes, however, are about to become all too real when the Christmas Special airs this December 25. Which brings us to…


3. The showrunners announced that, for the first time, a woman would play the Doctor

Jodie Whittaker will have the honour of playing the Thirteenth Doctor. We couldn’t be more excited to see what she and incoming showrunner Chris Chibnall will do—although we’re not completely sold on those suspenders.


4. The Doctor Who crew visited the InnerSpace studio

Peter Capaldi, Pearl Mackie, showrunner Steven Moffat, and producer Brian Minchin piled into the TARDIS to make the trip to Innerspace HQ for a chat about the tenth season: Mackie’s first and (although we didn’t know it then) Capaldi’s last.


5. Star Trek entered a new (old) frontier

With the debut of Star Trek: Discovery, we went back in time to a pre-Enterprise era to explore the early days of Starfleet with a cast of characters who had intriguing ties to the ones we’re already familiar with. The Chapter 1 finale left us with lots of questions and has us already counting down the days until Chapter 2 of the first season returns to Space.


6. We made a Star Trek fan out of April

Our weekly Star Trek video podcast, Resistance Is Futile, featured a Never Trekked (April) and a Starfleet Vet (Mark) discussing and debating the new series, Discovery. April learned the difference between a Vulcan and a Klingon (though we’re still waiting for her to learn the language) and Mark learned that the mirror universe isn’t the easiest concept to explain to newbie. As for us? We laughed. Like, a lot.


7. Space premiered a new Philip K. Dick sci-fi anthology series 

Produced by Bryan Cranston, Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams is based on the writer’s collection of short stories. The first mind-bending episode debuted on Space in November and a sneak peak at episode two will air on Christmas Day after our Christmas With the Doctor marathon.