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Morgan’s Favourite Spock Episode


star trek

Weeknights 7e 4p

My favourite Spock-centric Star Trek episode is “The Naked Time” because it’s one of the first times we get to see his emotional side.

A mysterious virus has infected the Enterprise crew, causing them to ignore their inhibitions and act out their deepest desires. Yes, there are some hilarious moments in this episode (Sulu thinking he’s a Musketeer and attempting to sword fight shirtless), but there are also some very moving moments, thanks to Leonard Nimoy.

After Spock is infected by the virus, the inner struggle he faces between his logical Vulcan side and his emotional human side becomes very clear. He tries desperately to keep control of his emotions, even counting by twos to stay logical, but eventually breaks down and weeps uncontrollably.

The big moment for me is when Spock reveals to Kirk how guilty he feels for never being able he tell his mother that he loved her. It’s a heartbreaking scene and a defining moment for Spock. Nimoy shows us through fantastic acting how complex this character really is.