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Morgan Hoffman Swings By Daily Planet

Last night, InnerSpace‘s own Morgan Hoffman swung by (yes, we’re still really jazzed about Spider-Man) the set of Discovery’s Daily Planet. But hey, don’t take our word for it.

Now watch some standout moments from the show:

Daily Planet host Dan Riskin and Morgan covered a pivotal moment in human history as the Google AI, DeepMind, defeats the Go grand-master in the first of five games.

After hearing what DeepMind is capable of, Dan convinced himself Google doesn’t rule the world…yet.

As if AI’s defeating grand-masters and self-driving cars “crashing” aren’t enough, Morgan revealed drones are more “human” than ever.

Let’s not start crying wolf over the end of the world…but, rather, dog on a lawnmower?

For more, watch Daily Planet weeknights at 7e 6p on Discovery Canada.