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The 6 Coolest Gadgets In Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation

mission impossible


Ethan Hunt is back for another infeasible assignment in Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation. This time, his mission, should he choose to accept it, is to justify the very existence of the IMF (that’s Impossible Mission Force, not International Monetary Fund—their jobs are way harder).

As the fifth film in the MI series, Rogue Nation proves two things. One: that the franchise still has legs; and two: that Tom Cruise’s action hero abilities (and insane biceps) show no sign of waning. Ving Rhames, Jeremy Renner, and Simon Pegg all resume their roles in the new flick, joined by the ass-kicking Rebecca Ferguson and former social media star Alec Baldwin. Sean Harris plays the ruthless bad guy the team is after.

Rogue Nation owes a lot of its greatness to co-writer/director Christopher McQuarrie (he wrote the screenplay for The Usual Suspects). The story is tight and fast-paced, the chase scenes are thrilling and not overlong, and the writing is funny—not in a one-liner kind of way, but in an excellent comedic timing kind of way. Though there are gems in the dialogue like “Hunt is the living manifestation of destiny” (that one delivered by Baldwin) that get some serious laughs, intended or no.

And of course there are the awesome gadgets. What would a Mission Impossible movie be without them? Here are our six favourites:

1. This Vienna opera program that converts to a fully functioning touchscreen laptop. In the future, no one will ever steal your computer, but you’ll have to keep a sharp eye on all your tourist brochures.


2. These stylish yet non-descript glasses connect Benji to his missing-in-action friend for the first time since he disappeared six months ago and they allow him to use the aforementioned opera program/computer. They’re also proof of Ethan and Benji’s bond: only your closest friends remember your prescription.


3. The next time you’re free-diving into a nuclear reactor’s cooling system, make sure you’re wearing an oxygen monitor like the one Ethan uses in Rogue Nation. Not only does the wearable sleeve-style gadget look cool, but it also tells you when you’re about to die from lack of breathing.


4. Tom Cruise’s hands: advance cyborg gripping technology or secret Scientology-derived powers? Decide for yourself:


5. Everything’s a gun. Wind instruments are guns…


… and this gun was disguised as a piece of backstage scaffolding at the Vienna Opera House:


(Guns are also guns and everyone has at least a couple.)

6. Yes, this gadget’s what you might call “old school” but it really came to the rescue for Ethan and Benji. Always wear your seatbelts, kids.


We can’t show you the last super cool gadget (because spoilers) but lets just say that a very cool, very large glass box comes into play. Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation hits theatres today. Here’s the trailer: