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8 Reasons Mega Man Legacy Collection Is 8-Bit Gold

mega man

Whether or not you were too young to enjoy the first six 8-bit iterations of Capcom’s beloved Blue Bomber, Mega Man Legacy Collection is something you can’t pass up. Now available for download on such cutting edge consoles PS4 and Xbox One (coming soon to 3DS), this compilation doesn’t boast shiny new graphics or major content upgrades—it’s just a damn fine collection of some of the most soul-crushingly tough platformers from the halcyon days of the Nintendo Entertainment System.

Granted, there’s a handful of nifty new bells and whistles to go along with the classic stuff, which should motivate both old and new-schoolers to get their butts kicked by Dr. Wily and his Robots Masters like it’s 1989. Here are eight reasons why you should press start after all these years.

1. It’s equipped with six games


Between 1987 and 1994, Capcom released six Mega Man games on the NES, which made for some of the best titles on that console. Mega Man 2 and 3 will always be the gold standard in the series, but the other four are no slouches either. We suggest playing through them chronologically, because the series seven-year evolution (be it graphical, or a neat new move or ally) is quite a trip to witness over the course of a dozen or so hours.

2. Two words: save states


Blazing through the first three Mega Man games is certainly doable, but you’re going to run into some serious trouble when you get to part four’s Dust Man. Fortunately, each game allows for a single restore point. Depending on how cheap you want to be, feel free to mark your own checkpoint after successfully leaping across a massive gap or just as you reach a ruthless level boss. Also: no more convoluted bingo password to recreate.

3. It’s got a killer soundtrack


Beyond a shadow of a doubt, the 8-bit Mega Man series boasts one of the sweetest soundtracks in video game history. It’s just wall-to-wall phenomenal. If you played the games growing up just hearing these tunes again is reason enough to play this.

4. Museum and Database provide an excellent history lesson

mega man

And you don’t have to play through the games every time you want to jam out to their respective soundtrack. Museum and Database archives have you covered with a huge collection of original and even unused concept art, character info galore, 3D sketches of classic stages, and of course those radical tracks. Another neat addition for those who don’t want to rely too heavily on save states is you can jump straight into a practice battle with any Robot Master to hone your techniques.

5. New challenges await

mega man

If you’ve played these games inside and out, stop by the Challenges section to overcome a series of timed challenges taken from various sections of the 8-bit series. From boss fights to platform jumping, this mode definitely earns its moniker. Afterwards, share your results on leaderboards and hone your skills by watching videos of some of the most impressive playthroughs.

6. The controls are as slick as you remember

mega man

You’re going to need cat-like reflexes to get through this compilation, and luckily Mega Man’s controls feel just as responsive after all these decades. Unlike many of his retro comrades, navigating the Blue Bomber through various obstacles and enemies doesn’t feel as clunky as your average 8-bit mascot.

7. It plays nice with your TV

Mega Man Legacy Collection_20150826015116

One nice addition to this collection is you have a bunch of options to choose from in terms of fitting a 4:3 game onto a 16:9 TV. If you don’t plan on booting these games up on a big, fat, square monitor, you can play it widescreen on our flat screen, or with black vertical bars, or even arcade cabinet-style skinned bars.

8. It’s still really, really fun

mega man

The biggest reason you should play—or replay—all six games is because they’re timeless classics that will forever kick butt. Some games are worth revisiting for nostalgia alone, but you won’t need rose-tinted glasses to get the most out of this retro retreat. And now with the innovation of save states, you can actually get through them all and rip Dr. Wily a new one—six times!

Mega Man Legacy Collection is out now available for digital download on PS4 and Xbox One, and is coming to 3DS and in physical copies for all three platform in early 2016.