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Marvel Face Masks Unclog Your Pores In True Tony Stark Style

While it’s a proven fact that celebrities like Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans are members of an elite and highly secretive cabal called the Illuminati and that membership allows them access to the most cutting-edge anti-aging technology including procedures which will one day grant them immortality, that doesn’t mean that us regular people can’t unclog pores and smooth wrinkles in style, too. Enter: Marvel Iron Man & Captain America Face Packs.


For the bargain price of $27 US, this pair of Japanese-made, Marvel-licensed beauty products will help you Iron Man out your crow’s feet and/or harness the power of Captain America to fight that evil supervillain of a zit that’s threatening to ruin your weekend plans.


Cosmetics company Isshin-do Honpo has been making similar masks for some time (like these Kabuki-themed ones) featuring skin-friendly ingredients like glycerol, hydrolyzed collagen, vitamin C derivative, and lavender but this new product marks the first time that you can look like an Avenger while improving the appearance of your regular old human face. Warning: if you decide to spring for the two-pack, be aware that the instructions are in Japanese. That said, you don’t exactly have to be Bruce Banner to figure this out: