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Release The Banana Peels—Mario Kart Is Real



After popular YouTuber Rémi Gaillard released his Mario Kart IRL video in 2008, you probably thought nothing was going to come even close to topping it. Guess again.

CorridorDigital, another YouTube user, uploaded this video on Monday (August 24), and it’s already racked up almost 1.5 million views.


Wren Weichman donned a Luigi costume, hopped on a Boosted Boards electronic longboard—yes, those are a thing, apparently—and “raced” past a giant green shell, Thwomp and Bullet Bill to try and win the gold trophy. (Spoiler: Mario swoops in at the last second and wins the race, like the scene stealer he is.)

The graphics and overall quality of the video are pretty superb and will make any Mario Kart fan swoon. Plus, if you’re all about that behind-the-scenes life, there’s also a video explaining how the effects were created.

Friendly reminder: There are no friendships in Mario Kart.