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Get $1,000 Playing Mario 64

mario 64

Hey, paisanos! Have you heard the exciting news? A new video game glitch was recently spotted via Twitch. We’re talking about a 19-year-old game here, but not just any 19-year-old game—we’re talking the definitive 19-year-old game: Super Mario 64.

If you grew up anywhere near the 1990s, chances are you spent dozens of hours collecting every last star in the Nintendo 64’s flagship title, and cherished every darn minute of it. However, you probably didn’t love it as much as glitch-loving gamer Pannenkoek2012, who has a very enticing proposal. All’s you have to do is recreate the most difficult glitch ever known to man, one that streamer DOTA_TeaBag accidentally caught during a Twitch speedrun.

The glitch in question occurred in the game’s Tick Tock Clock stage, and allowed the player to “upwarp” past a good chunk of the level. For some reason, Pannenkoek20012 was so captivated he’s offering a $1,000 bounty to anyone who can replicate it. The logic behind the proposal is this mysterious malfunction could possibly be used on other levels, which would change the face of Mario 64 speedruns as we know it. Hey, it’s his money.

Check out the video below, which offers a robust explanation of what I’m clearly not explaining very well: