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Mad Max Deleted Scenes Take A Break From Fury And Roads



One of the reasons Mad Max: Fury Road blew everyone’s mind is director George Miller’s unrelenting commitment to action. The film offers viewers a few fleeting opportunities to catch their breath, but these scenes don’t last long, nor does anyone spend much time talking about them after they leave the theatre. It’s no surprise, then, that the three deleted scenes Warner Brothers has released in anticipation of the DVD/Blu-ray release offer more moments of transitional inter-chase calm. The general absence of scenes like these is one of the main reasons the film proves to be so distinctively appealing.

fury road

For those who have yet to see Mad Max: Fury Road, the three deleted scenes below may seem relatively lively and eventful, but compared to the action that made the final cut, these moments are altogether disposable. The first clip offers a full minute of calm, while the second is likely to divide viewers with the sacrificial offering of a “temp baby” and the clutched breast of “a milker.”

mad max

The third and final deleted scene offers a closer look at the film’s colourful villains and their hangers-on—yes, including the guitar guy—as they gear up for battle.

Fans of the movie shouldn’t have any trouble accepting that these scenes were cut, but those who have subjected themselves to repeat viewings will appreciate the fresh dose of Mad Max: Fury Road imagery. This should also renew your excitement for the film’s DVD/Blu-ray, which arrives in stores on September 1.