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Go See Logan, Get An Exclusive Marvel Teaser Surprise

Logan, the newest addition to the X-Men catalogue arrives in theatres today—and in contrast to the long-held comic book movie tradition that sees most films followed up by a post-credits bonus clip featuring some of the main character’s superhero colleagues, this one doesn’t have that. Stop reading right now if you don’t want to know what it DOES have…

Rumour is that Logan, in our opinion the best X-Men movie since X2, has something even better (if you happen to be a fan of the Marvel character known as Deadpool, that is).

Slashfilm spoke to a Deadpool 2 insider who said that a teaser for the impatiently anticipated sequel will screen ahead of Logan (leave it Deadpool to do things the wrong way ‘round). Originally, it was rumoured that Logan would feature a cameo from Ryan Reynolds (watch Logan and you’ll know that would’ve been a bad fit). Instead, the sequel’s director, David Leitch, has shot a brief scene that spoofs on Superman’s phone booth costume change routine (burn, DC!).

The clip ends with this vague promise: “Deadpool… coming… not soon enough.” That, we know to be 100 per cent true. And yet the casting rumours about the planned sequel are coming fast and furious. Like the one that predicts the recruitment of Stranger Things actor David Harbour to take on the role of telepathic/telekinetic mutant, Cable. Hmm…

It’ll be at least another year before we see Deadpool 2 in theatres (the planned release date is March 2, 2018) but you can get your claws into Logan tonight and watch Wolverine’s mini-me get hers in a viral clip from Fox below.