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From Page To Screen: Meet DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow

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Before they were teaming up to save the world in CTV’s epic new series DC’s Legends of Tomorrow (premiering Thursday, January 21) , the heroes and villains were making a little history of their own in the pages of DC Comics. In case you haven’t had time to bury yourself in the comics (or just need a refresher!), here’s an evolution of the characters from the comic book page to the small screen.

Sara Lance/White Canary (Caity Lotz)


Page: The White Canary (a.k.a. Sara Lance) is an Arrowverse creation and the sister of the better known Black Canary—despite the fact that, in the world of Arrow, she was the first Canary. Murdered in the third season of the show, Sara is resurrected in the Lazarus Pit (thanks to her sister Laurel Lance) during the fourth season. Interests: unflinching vigilantism.

Screen: The White Canary has trained with the League of Assassins and is a martial arts master. Even though she was a vigilante in Starling City, actor Caity Lotz says that won’t be the case on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. “She’s trying to be a hero, less vigilante. That’s her goal as the White Canary.”

Rip Hunter (Arthur Darvill)


Page: Want to know Rip Hunter’s background? Tough luck—it’s a tightly guarded tale he keeps secret in order to stay a step ahead of his foes. Here’s what we do know about the time-traveller: his superhero hideout is Vanishing Point. It’s located at the literal end of time. (Does he know the Doctor? Maybe, but we’re not holding our breath for a Doctor Who/Legends of Tomorrow crossover.) His interests are protecting the timestream and hanging out with other super-types.

Screen: In DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, Rip Hunter is from East London. And “the future,” as he so perfectly quips to the disparate team of heroes and villains he’s assembled to save the world from Vandal Savage. At the helm of the mission and the Waverider time ship, Rip’s job will be to keep everyone in line. But Arthur Darvill says his character is less of a mentor and more of a reluctant leader. “He knows he’s risking a lot by having these people, he knows what the consequences of changing history and the future are, so by default he’s kind of the leader of the group because he’s the one with that knowledge.”

Ray Palmer/Atom (Brandon Routh)


Page: Ray Palmer stepped into the shoes of Al Pratt to take up the mantle of the Atom in the early 1960s. After an afternoon of spelunking (yep) goes awry, the physicist is led to employ an untested shrinking lens he invented. When he doesn’t explode (yay!), he decides to become an incredible shrinking superhero with the power to become the size of a subatomic particle while keeping the strength of a full-size human.

Screen: Presumed dead by “Team Arrow” after an explosion, Ray Palmer was in fact alive but just reduced to his shrunken form. Ray’s presumed death made him realize how insignificant his life as the CEO of Palmer Technologies was and he wants to join the team of heroes and villains to change that. “That’s why he takes this crazy leap of faith to follow Rip because what is there and how can I really contribute, can I be a part of something better? Maybe this is the thing that will make a difference,” says Brandon Routh.

Kendra Saunders/Hawkgirl (Ciara Renee)


Page: Kendra Saunders is a superhero with a pedigree. Descended (in a roundabout, one-person’s-soul-occupying-another’s-body kind of way) from Egyptian gods, Kendra became the “second” (again, it’s complicated) Hawkgirl. Teamed with Hawkman, the pair have the power of hawks—flight and enhanced vision. She also has super strength and the ability to heal quickly. Oh, and she kicks ass at kicking ass.

Screen: Kendra is an ancient warrior priestess named Chay-Ara who has died and been reincarnated 206 times. The only problem is she doesn’t remember any of it! After being introduced as a barista on The Flash, Kendra was suddenly thrust back into her old life when star-crossed lover Carter Hall/Hawkman returns to seek her help in stopping Vandal Savage. (A jealous Savage murdered her and Hawkman after finding them in bed together thousands of years ago). Until she can fully regain her memories, Hawkgirl’s challenges will be learning how to master those wings and how to get used to the idea of having a soulmate she has no recollection of. “She’s a modern lady. She doesn’t want to feel like she has to love somebody or be in a relationship… but I think there’s also always a little bit of that underlying something that draws them together,” says Ciara Renee.

Carter Hall/Hawkman (Falk Hentschel)


Page: Now pushing 5,000, Hawkman has a lot in common with his soulmate, Hawkgirl. Both are winged warriors descended from Egyptian gods, possessing a variety of powers derived from the Hawk God, Horus. However, there is one crucial ability that distinguishes Hawkman from the otherwise perfectly matched Hawkgirl: he remembers his past lives, she doesn’t.

Screen: Carter/Hawkman was an ancient prince who was murdered by Vandal Savage after finding him in bed with the object of his affection, Chay-Ara (Hawkgirl). Caught in a cycle of reincarnation, Hawkman has died and come back to life 206 times. Hawkman knows how to wield his wings, which could be a huge asset on the Legends of Tomorrow team. Now if only he could get his soulmate of 4,000 years to remember him.

Mick Rory/Heat Wave (Dominic Purcell)


Page: Farm boy and pyromaniac Mick Rory became supervillain Heat Wave after a brief stint as a fire-eater in a travelling circus. Inspired by the Rogues (and realizing that crime pays better than circus work) he set off on his first spree. Occasionally he goes straight but the lure of the underworld always seems to draw him back. Hates: The Flash, subzero temperatures. Loves: Flamethrowers, asbestos.

Screen: His supervillain reputation continued on The Flash. He’ll enter into Legends of Tomorrow, as a villain, along with his sidekick Captain Cold, but will they live up to their name or have a change of heart?

Leonard Snart/Captain Cold (Wentworth Miller)


Page: Thanks to a combative relationship with his police officer father, Leonard Snart decided to embrace a life of crime. If you’re sensitive to low temperatures, you couldn’t pick a worse adversary, as Snart’s alter ego is the notorious Captain Cold. Wielding a stolen cryonic gun, he can freeze objects (including humans) on contact. He is also a skilled marksman, leader, and tactical mind, making him a rare opponent worthy of the Legends of Tomorrow.

Screen: He definitely falls on the “villain” side of the team, but will a mission to save the world melt Snart’s icy heart and make him a hero?

Dr. Martin Stein (Victor Garber)


Page: Along with Jefferson Jackson, Dr. Martin Stein is one half of the conjoint meta-human known as Firestorm. A renowned nuclear physicist focused on transmutation, Stein has a particular interest in time travel. Among his friends, he is known for his sense of humour and pacifism, but both traits have been complicated by his new identity. Pyrokinesis is a rare gift and Stein has no intention of letting it go to waste.

Screen: Dr. Stein brings wisdom and a level head to the team, while leaving the ass kicking to Jefferson. But don’t expect Dr. Stein to completely sit idle. “(Jefferson) does a lot of the physical stuff. I also do a lot, too. I do a lot of running and skulking around and I have done my share of falling and punching,” says Victor Garber.

Jefferson ‘Jax’ Jackson/Firestorm (Franz Drameh)


Page: Once a celebrated athlete, Jefferson Jackson had a promising professional sports career that was cut short by an injury. That unfortunate development dramatically limited his potential, causing him to settle for a comparably modest career as an auto mechanic. But this foray into the everyday didn’t last long, thanks to renowned physicist Dr. Martin Stein and an experiment gone horribly wrong. This incident caused Jackson and Stein to merge identities, resulting in the unique superhero that is Firestorm.

Screen: He was initially reluctant to join with Dr. Stein and become Firestorm so only time will tell (literally) how he will react to a mission to save the world.