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Watch The New Legends Of Tomorrow Trailer Today

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DC may be lagging behind Marvel in the world of big screen entertainment, but the comics giant has held its own on the small screen. Between Arrow and The Flash, DC has found a substantial TV audience, one the company hopes to continue growing by bringing its two major TV properties together in Legends of Tomorrow. Featuring major characters from both Arrow and The Flash, Legends features an impressive superhero supergroup in the same vein as The Avengers, Fantastic Four, and X-Men.

In the new trailer, we learn Rip Hunter has rounded up the title characters to travel through time battling evil genius Vandal Savage. Here are some other details we were able to discern.

These aren’t heroes, they’re legends.


They have a nice ride… that appears out of thin air.


Some of their dust-ups are airborne.


Their time travels take them beyond the present.


In the future, this is how you get around…


…and guns glow.


But they’re not always effective.


Legends of Tomorrow comes to CTV on January 21st. You can watch the new trailer below.