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The Leda Sisters Share A Terrifying Fairy Tale In This New Orphan Black Season 4 Teaser

BBC America’s just-released teaser clip for Orphan Black’s upcoming season is a creepy 30-second trip down the rabbit hole with Sarah and her sestras. At the bottom? Well, it isn’t Wonderland. Check it out:

There’s that mask again, the one from our last clip. What does the lamb signify—lambs being led to the slaughter? That can’t be good news for the Clone Club. But Tatiana Maslany herself has promised that the new season holds some very dark moments and equally big challenges for the Leda sisters. This new video would appear to back her up on that.

“The only way forward,” says Sarah at the end of the clip, “is to go back.” To where? The teaser provides a clue: that’s Beth’s face seen flashing across the screen beside Sarah’s. Will the upcoming season feature a trip down some kind of treacherous memory lane? Only a few more months until we find out.

The season four premiere of Orphan Black airs on Space this April.