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The First Killjoys Season 5 Teaser Is Here, And We Hope You Like Intensity!


Fridays at 10 p.m. ET

The end is near… and it’s going to make your brain explode. The first Season 5 teaser for Killjoys just dropped, and we think it’ll change everything we thought we knew about The J. And if that’s shocking news to us, imagine how Dutch must feel. Our time with our trio of bounty-hunters-turned-intergalactic-freedom-fighters is coming to an end. This season of Killjoys marks the end of the well-loved series and will (maybe) deliver some answers to The Quad’s biggest mysteries.

We left Dutch, Johnny, and D’avin in the midst of their greatest defeat: they’ve lost the war to keep The Lady trapped inside The Green. Now she’s loose and bringing chaos to Westerley and beyond, and poor Aneela is trapped in her place. If it’s true that our memories make us who we are, then everyone in Westerley is screwed—their memories have all been replaced with The Lady’s warped version of reality. How do we come back from this?

Killjoys returns to Space for its final season on July 19. Check out the new Season 5 teaser below.