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Killjoys Recap: “The Harvest”



Fridays at 10 p.m. ET

Dutch and John’s six-year partnership means that John knows his partner pretty well by now. If he wants to talk her into something, he knows the right angle to use to sell his idea. When a friend in trouble asks him for a Killjoy-related favour, John uses Dutch’s love of undercover jobs to convince her to make the journey to Leith in pursuit of a migrant worker about to overstay his offworld work permit, putting his wife and cosigner at risk of being sentenced to 10 years of hard labour in Westerley’s mines.


With John disguised as a harvester and Dutch playing the role of a stuck-up Qreshi bi—, er, buyer, the two infiltrate the farm where MIA migrant Vincent Sha’o was last seen. D’Avin tags along for the ride to Leith but he has other obligations to fulfil. Accepted by the RAC, the freshly minted Level 4 Killjoy must undergo a psychological evaluation in order to make it official. He’s made a deal with a doctor in order to get his evaluation rubber stamped: accompany her to the Leith Bazaar to get some medication she needs. Sounds simple, right?


And you thought Big Pharma was bad news.

Back on the farm, John has a nasty modification made to his left ear and Dutch has to endure the company of Martell, a slightly less nasty Leith plantation owner in order to determine Vincent’s whereabouts.


As John gets closer to one of his fellow harvesters, Dutch gets very close to Martell, breaking into his security system to find a lead. Using what she’s uncovered, Dutch tracks down Vincent—or at least part of him.


Incendiary ear bombs call for desperate, van Gogh-esque measures. Faced with the choice of completing a warrant at the cost of his ear (preferable to the cost of having to call in his brother as backup), John ignores Dutch’s orders, does some quick self-surgery, and follows one of his new migrant friends deep into Leith’s wilderness to find out what Vincent has been up to.


With support and permission from Martell, Vincent oversees an illegal grow-op on the landowner’s property. Thinking that Dutch has come to bust him, Martell has reported the grow-op to the authorities who are now just moments away from razing the entire area, regardless of the workers living there.

Luckily for John, Dutch discovers Martell’s plan and races to save him with D’Avin and Lucy following. They apprehend Vincent but the rest of the workers, including the woman John befriended, stay behind to meet their unpleasant fate.

Having returned to Westerley with Dutch and John, D’Avin is given his approved psych eval, making him a full-fledged Killjoy—the only condition being that he must undergo treatment for his Stress Response Syndrome (i.e. those terrible flashbacks he’s been having).


Finally, Dutch and John have an overdue chat over pumpkin beers. She grills him about disobeying orders while he retaliates by questioning her about her mysterious red box and the new burn mark she has on her wrist. Though she doesn’t reveal anything new about her past, recent (torching some dude’s apartment) or distant (training with a sadistic master to become a professional killer), she does tell John that the drama is behind her and promises to quit keeping secrets from him.

Hmm. Which part of that statement do we think will be proved false first?

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