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Killjoys Recap: “One Blood”



Fridays at 10 p.m. ET

Secrets can only be kept for so long—still, it’s surprising to see how many tumbled out of the shadows this week on Killjoys.

Dutch’s plans to evade her old teacher Khlyen have not panned out the way she’d hoped so she’s forced, once again, to become his student/errand girl/lethal weapon under threat of what he’ll do to John if she doesn’t cooperate. To demonstrate just how serious he is, Khlyen opens negotiations with Dutch by poisoning half the patrons of a Westerley tea shop.


So we know he means business, but what exactly is his business? Coincidentally, it appears to align with a warrant that Dutch (and around a dozen other elite Killjoys) have been selected for. A “black warrant” is a competition between the best in the business and this one has been taken out by the RAC—on one of their own.

Big Joe, a former father-figure and friend to Dutch, has absconded with a Company ship and is hiding out, rumoured to have something in his possession that a lot of people want, including Khlyen. Torn between her team and Khlyen’s demands (read: threats), Dutch takes off, leaving John and D’Avin without an explanation.


In her absence her team is cajoled into joining forces with the RAC’s self-proclaimed number one jerk, Fancy Lee.

Dutch finds Big Joe in record time (managing to relieve him of the cargo Khlyen wants so badly, too), however, a band of Lethian Nationalists find her, taking both of them into custody. The Leithians suspect that Dutch’s arrival signals a coming attack and in the excitement, one of them puts the device Big Joe had been harbouring to use—with disastrous consequences.


The thing turns out to be some sort of genetic bomb which can decimate an entire blood line. Apparently, it works. Flawlessly. Having discovered the Company’s blacklist weaponry, Dutch has high hopes for making a trade: the device’s safe return in exchange for Big Joe’s safe passage. But the deal doesn’t work out that way.


The company man that Pawter tried to hard to distract (and steal information from on D’Avin’s behalf and to her own detriment) catches wind of the RAC’s black warrant and decides to make an example of Joe. The black warrant becomes a level five warrant—a kill warrant. When it’s issued, an unsentimental Fancy Lee is there to pull the trigger. Because the warrant is all.


Distraught, Dutch has one final encounter with her old teacher, who reveals his reason for coming to The Quad: he’s there to retrieve her. But Dutch has a new plan when it comes to Khlyen. She’s going to kill him. And she’s asked her team of Killjoys to help.