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Killjoys Recap: “Kiss Kiss, Bye Bye”


Fridays at 10 p.m. ET

We knew we’d be seeing her again. After delivering Delle Seyah Kendry a newborn Qreshi heir in the middle of her garden party, Dutch does indeed cross paths with the highborn member of Qresh’s elite Nine a second time. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

 Before we arrive at that part of this episode’s story, we’ve got to get through one busted neural interface, one clichéd breakup (that takes place right after the dumpee is released from jail, where she went on behalf of the dumper), one trip to clubland (which, in The Quad, is its own planet-like ship), one leather daddy outfit (worn to said club), a kidnapping, and a makeout session between two characters who’ve been gunning for a makeout session since the series premiere.


The trip to Utopia, as the massive orbiting club is called, is spurred on by the Killjoys’ efforts to track down Dr. Jaeger, the quack who messed with D’Avin’s mind (literally). A fellow patient of hers gets a Killjoy-sanctioned (read: illegal) daypass from a Company mental institution and Utopia is where he leads them. While John tracks down a biotech specialist to fix the neural interface Khlyen implanted in Dutch, D’Avin takes a dose of a mood altering drug and immediately hits on her (his partner, mood completely unaltered, is totally into it).


Dr. Jaeger isn’t on Utopia, but the Company’s police force is and they take Dutch into custody for springing Jaeger’s other patient from his hospital cell. She’s thrown into a cell of her own, in Westhole Prison, which is where Delle makes her reappearance.

After agreeing to repay her Qreshi rescuer in some unnamed way in the future, Dutch is released from jail and given a lead on Jaeger’s whereabouts—the disgraced doctor has been whiling away her time at a Company black site on Westerley.


During the trio’s visit to her lab, Jaeger reveals that she erased D’Avin’s memories of killing his squad at his own request—the question now is, does he want them back? He can’t decide, but after the emotionally draining visit, he has no trouble deciding to sleep with Dutch—his brother’s feelings be damned. Of course, they’re busted in flagrante delicto. Post-coitus, D’Av gets a killer nosebleed and as a result, tries to kill Dutch. Aw. This is going to make such a great story for the grandkids.


Jaeger is messing around in D’Avin’s head again, obviously, but when John returns to the ship, he doesn’t believe what’s happened. Until his brother stabs him. Pawter comes to the rescue while Dutch returns to see Jaeger whose mission, it’s revealed, was to devise a procedure that would turn soldiers against their own units. It was she who was behind the kill warrant taken out on D’Av at the beginning of the series.

After Dutch outsmarts the doctor and forces her assistant to wipe her memory, she goes to visit John who was saved by Pawter’s own Qreshi connections and is recovering in hospital.


As the episode ends, we get a second breakup of a sort. Dutch wants to forgive D’Avin for what he did to her, but she just can’t bring herself to be okay with it. D’Avin is going to have to live with the memory of what he did—and with the consequences.