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Hannah John-Kamen Gives Us The Inside Scoop On Killjoys Season 2

Killjoys star Hannah John-Kamen managed to do the impossible in a recent chat with InnerSpace hosts Morgan Hoffman and Teddy Wilson, revealing a lot about her character Dutch’s role in the upcoming second season of the show without entering spoiler territory.

According to John-Kamen, Dutch, Johnny, and D’avin return to the Quad for another 10-episode season to find that their world has expanded exponentially. “Everything just gets bigger and bigger and bigger,” says the actor, referring to the multiple mysteries last season’s finale left us pondering. Who runs the RAC and what are their end goals? What’s going on with Red 17 and Arkyn? Who’s behind the highly secretive Level Six program? It sounds like season two has answers in store, but they won’t be easy ones.

As for the questions everyone has about Dutch and her past as a baby assassin under the thumb of an evil master (that would be Khlyen, of course), John-Kamen says that this season will reveal more about Dutch’s past, exploring why she is the way she is. Dutch herself will have to weather a lot of confusion, conflict, and inner turmoil, questioning her own morals and deciding where her allegiances lie. “She’s not a simple person,” says John-Kamen.

Season two of Killjoys premieres at 9e on July 1. A special edition of InnerSpace follows at 11e, featuring an extended interview with Hannah John-Kamen and other guests from Dark Matter, which kicks off its second season right after Killjoys. Check out an exclusive digital clip from John-Kamen’s interview below.