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Katniss Has Nothing On This Real-Life Archery Master


Katniss might be able to hit the Capitol’s ship with an exploding arrow, and Robin Hood split a stationary arrow in two, but could either of them fire off an arrow and hit a moving arrow?Danish archery badass Lars Andersen achieves that latter feat and more in a video showing how he has obliterated everything Hollywood taught us about archery. Legolas who?


In the veritable highlight reel below, Anderson shows how he revived ancient archery techniques — such as holding arrows in the shooting hand and shooting his arrow from the shooting hand side, allowing for rapid-fire releases — to pull off seemingly unthinkable shooting tricks that make him look like an old-school assassin.

Watch as he shoots through his legs, catches arrows in midair (and fires them before he lands) and hits moving targets. This is some jaw-dropping stuff.

With 16 million views(!), it just goes to show you: If you’re gonna dedicate your life to an outmoded, antiquated skill, you better be this good at it.