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40 Wonderful Things Karen Gillan Told Us At Fan Expo

karen gillan

Just a few hours ago, the lovely and super-duper talented Karen Gillan took the stage at Fan Expo alongside esteemed InnerSpace host Ajay Fry to answer fans’ pressing questions about life, love, Star Wars, fish fingers, and obviously Doctor Who.

karen gillan

Best known for her role as the Eleventh Doctor’s companion, Amy Pond, and as cranky alien Nebula in 2014’s Guardians of the Galaxy, Gillan has a pretty sweet resume, to say the least. Hard to imagine as it is, she’s even more charming in person, as evinced by these 40 incredibly charming facts we jotted down from today’s panel.

1. She has yet to see the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 script.

2. She was just cast in a new film called The Circle, based on the Dave Eggers novel (more on that here).

3. Her favourite horror film is Scream.

4. On current Doctor, Peter Capaldi: “He’s Scottish, so he’s a winner.”

5. She would love to be back on Doctor Who someday.

6. If she wrote a book, it would be called Haggis and Tartin.

7. Her favourite Doctor Who episode that she was in is “The Eleventh Hour.”

8. Her favourite Doctor Who episode that she wasn’t in is “Doomsday,” because it’s “so, so sad.”

9. She can’t recall her favourite Doctor Who villain.

10. Although she appeared with Capaldi in “The Fires of Pompeii” episode, they both had to re-audition for their subsequent roles.

11. If she had to play a different Doctor’s companion, it would be David Tennant.

12. She’s thankful Amy Pond doesn’t share any similarities with Guardians of the Galaxy’s Nebula.

13. If she could be any superhero it would be Spider-Man, because she just wants to shoot web from her wrists.

14. Matt Smith made fun of her endlessly for being a ginger.

15. Her favourite companion, other than Amy, is Rose (Billie Piper).

16. Asked if Rory Williams (Arthur Darvill) is her actual husband, Gillan said “no.”

17. She hadn’t watched Doctor Who until it returned in 2005.

18. Her mom is a bona fide Whovian, and they watch the show together (aww).

19. She wants to work with Tilda Swinton, cause she’s got “gravitas.”

20. If she were cast in a new Star Wars movie, she’d want to anonymously play “a weird alien and walk in the background and have no lines.” She even told her agent this.

21. She was initially confused by “The Rebel Flesh” script, until she actually saw the episode.

22. She’s never eaten fish fingers and custard.

23. She’s totally down for an Amy/Rory spin-off series and she wants us to tell Steven Moffat.

24. If she could play any Doctor, she’d play the first one.

25. If Amy were the Doctor, she’d try to save the universe, but would rather just be a sarcastic companion.

26. If Gillan could change anything for Amy, she would’ve had her not look at the Weeping Angel.

27. If Gillan could be any historical figure at all, it would be Jesus.

28. Dalek Operator is a real job and it’s awesome.

29. It took her five hours every morning to put on her Nebula makeup.

30. She can’t decide if she prefers comedy to sci-fi. Sci-fi comedy is her jam.

31. Smith would leave pictures of Mrs. Doubtfire on her trailer door, because he thought she sounded exactly like that character.

32. If she had to marry the Doctor or Rory, she would choose Rory, mostly for the stability.

33. The thing she misses most from working on Doctor Who is working with Smith and Darvill.

34. If she could write her own episode of Doctor Who, it would involve evil alien cardboard cups that throw liquid in people’s faces.

35. Her favourite Doctor Who accessory is the classic bowtie.

36. She also digs the fez.

37. She loves Stanley Kubrick films.

38. She’s still shell-shocked that River Song (Alex Kingston) is Amy’s daughter.

39. Her most challenging role to date was playing Nebula, because of all the complex physical choreography.

40. But her most cherished role of all time is Amy Pond, because it was “a crazy, life-changing experience.”